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  • Probabl not every country

    What I hate about the US the most is that they somehow think their lives are more important then the lives in a different country and they over exaggerate EVERYTHING, they're still bitching about 11/9, yes it is 11/9 learn to use dates properly and make even 5 deaths seems like a god damn catastrophe.

    Then there is the gun law bullshit ''oh no government takes over, oh no criminals don't follow the law'' right, it works in a shit ton of countries but for you it's all of a sudden different, seems legit.

    And then finally it's them invading other countries while calling other countries terrorists, hypocritical much.

  • America does suck.

    Of course not every country hates america. But America does suck. America is not as safe as Japan. Japan does not allow guns and has an EXTREMELY low death rates from guns. And you could walk in Japan all by your self since there are a lot of people always walking on the streets and there has only been one or two kidnapings. America is the complete opposite, because we are all able to have guns and shoot at people whenever we want. And there are high risks when walking alone in America, unless you live in a busy street that have streets crowded with people. America also has a very high murder rate too.

  • America Does Suck.

    America's just salty of countries, Mostly Middle Eastern like Iran because of their oil. Trump had the audacity to accuse Iran of "Having Nukes" because they just want their oil. They made a big mistake, Iran has Russia on their side and Trump is a big moron. Another thing, America allows guns which isn't very safe at all, A typical American household has a pistol in it, And many children a year die by shooting themselves with it. Overall crime rates are really high, And people there are just straight up assholes, Even online.

  • This is close minded

    Labeling a country or a whole group of people is ignorant. Why do you get decide what is the proper way to labeling dates? Don't be so close minded some people want to do it one way some other. I can walk around my neighborhood and I am not allowed to shoot people whenever I want. People not from the US seem to know very little about the US other than what they see on TV (LA, NY, Guns)

  • America great nation.

    America is another great nation. There are 200 great nations on Earth. Everyone does not hate America. The Christians and Europeans mostly like America. The Muslims, Indians and Chinese hate America. The muslims want to nuke Chicago or Los Angeles. The Chinese want to be supreme lord of the Human world. The Indians want to be the most powerful nation on earth but don't have the capacity to become that.

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