• Benz Benz Benz!

    Great cars, they are. High quality and craftsmanship of Mercedes makes them a great car brand for an amazing cost to quality. Benz also has a much greater range of vehicles to satisfy many different kinds of customers who have a variety of different needs. Mercedes Benz always beats BMW!

  • BMW Has Better Overall Cars

    James Bond never drove a Mercedes--he drove BMWs. BMW is better in that the brand expanded into motorcycles and other areas of motorized transport, not just sports cars. Benz did create the first-ever automobile in Germany in 1886. However, BMW has better brand reliability, safety and recognition in the United States.

  • BMW's are just as incredible for less $$$

    Even though a Benz is expensive and will catch a couple more people's eyes a BMW is still as great as a Benz. It has magnificent power just as the Benz does and it gets you from point A to point B. Not only does it have power, the BMW is cheaper and more affordable then some luxury car you will barely take out. Some BMW's are top of the line just like the Benz but cost a lot less. When you buy a Benz you pay for the name, title, and character of the car. Why pay for all that when you could just pay for a less popular car that still has the same features as the Benz? It makes no sense!

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