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  • Yes, this will cut her tour short.

    Yes, this will cut her tour short, but she will try to get back on stage as soon as possible. She is one of the best performers alive, and she understands how much it means to her fans to see her. She will be back before the doctors even say she should go back.

  • Beyonce's act is very strenuous, and an injury would therefor cut her tour short.

    If Beyoncé suffered an injury on stage, her tour would need to be cut short. This is because the style of her performances is very physical and athletic, so any injury would restrict her movements and result in a disappointing display for her audiences. It would be better for her not to perform at all than to give her audiences a substandard experience.

  • Yes, injuries take time to heal.

    Yes, an injury will likely force Beyonce to cut her tour short because it is very hard to perform when one is hurt. Even though I'm sure she wants to keep going and do the tour, the injury will get in the way and most likely force her to cut it short.

  • No, it will not

    No, she is a superstar and a little injury won't influence her tour. She is a real professional and this accident is not a big deal. She will turn it for her benefit. It would be highly unprofessional to cut this tour short because of this insignificant incident. She is a real superstar.

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