• Sure it is

    Well yes, You French airbus fans are going to tell me oh, There were 2 crashes already of the 737 max, Well that was all the pilots fault because boeing already sent out documents of a glitch before the two crashes of lion air and Ethopian air. And aslo, Think about it, Do you really thing the side stick is that convinent, I don't really think so. And look at the 787 for example, It might not be as wide as the a350 xbw, But it is more fuel efficition and has better cockpit display

  • Europe is better

    Europeans have better safety standards you can see that the proof is in the pudding isnt it? . Airbus smells better too. American smell like b o because they are big and fat and lazy. . Europeans smell like olive oil and vape. . And dress better too. . Europe has style baby

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