Brazilian soccer team: Should the South American cup be cancelled out of respect for the death of the Brazilian team?

  • Yes, it should.

    This was a great National Tragedy. The South American cup should be canceled or at least postponed out of respect. The country is in a 30 day period of mourning and the cup should at least be suspended for this long, if not canceled altogether, and resumed the following year.

  • Yes, the South American cup should be cancelled

    Due to the death of the Brazilian soccer team killed while traveling by air, there should be a respectful cancellation of the South American Cup. There needs to be time for the families to grieve and bury the dead. The soccer cup can be pushed into the next year to allow for healing time.

  • Yes, the South American Cup should be cancelled.

    Out of respect for those who lost their lives, the South American cup should be cancelled. Instead of having the game, I think it would be appropriate to hold a memorial in remembrance of those that past. This would show support and solidarity to the families and loved ones that are in mourning.

  • No, the South American Cup should be played

    No, despite the tragic loss of the Brazilian team, the South American Cup should not be cancelled. Players have worked hard to get to the South American Cup and should be allowed to play. It is very important for the teams to pay homage to those lost in the crash, but they should be permitted to play in their honor, perhaps dedicating the game to the Brazilian players.

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