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  • No, it doesn't seem that tourism to Antarctica is safe

    No, it doesn't seem that tourism to Antarctica is safe. The fact that Buzz Aldrin had to be rescued from the South Pole does not change that fact. It has always be a high-risk adventure to go to Antarctica. With extreme weather and limited resources readily available, anyone going to the South Pole has to recognize the dangers and still choose to continue the journey.

  • No, i disagree.

    No, i disagree with this. Tourism to the Antarctica is not that safe. This is evidenced after Buzz Aldrin was rescued from the South Pole. Something ought to be done in the Antarctica to make it a safer place for the tourists. We all understand the benefits of tourists in our countries.

  • No, tourism to Antarctica is not safe.

    No, tourism to Antarctica is neither safe or appropriate. This holds especially true for people who are frail or elderly. The response needed to take care of Aldrin was elaborate and time-consuming. Considering the urgent nature of many medical emergencies, a delay in response could be deadly. Antarctica is much too remote.

  • Tourism in Antarctica is not safe

    Tourism to a place where temperatures are always at an extreme can never be considered safe. While the actual travel route and supplies are dependent upon the people deciding these factors, reliable weather forecasting is not guaranteed. Tour guides could have years of experience, the most reliable equipment, sufficient food and traveling supplies but an unexpected change in the weather could yield all of that planning obsolete. That being said, weather plays a role in the safety of any travel plans, regardless of destination, but a place where the weather is already at an extreme increases the risk factors exponentially.

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