• This is a headline

    I was born in the wrong fucking generation. I can’t even express how much I wish I could bash some fucking rocks together around a crude fire in a cave. Nothing but me, The wind, And my fellow tribesmen being impaled and eviscerated by mammoths outside. I bet anyone from my generation is too dumb to appreciate the simple pleasure of being ripped apart by a ravenous fucking cheetah on the open African plains. Not to mention music. No modern garbage can compare to classics like EEE EEE EEEEEE SCHSEEREEEE YYAAA from 1976 BC, Or the acclaimed AAA AAA SSSHSHSHHHEEEYYY IIIIIEE, Which came out in -1982. God it was so romantic. Romance is dead today. Remember when you found a mate by dancing and beating the shit out of her ex? Those were the days.

  • Water you saying

    Billie Eilish is such a fucking idiot I hate her so fucking much. She was LITERALLY born into the music industry, And grew up in an area of LA where people like Skrillex and Beck came from. Her brother is a fucking professional music producer yet people still want to sit around and talk about how fucking smart and talented she is holy shit man. "uhhh buh her voic is so good! " yeah maybe if you're a fucking dipshit teenage girl that started learning how to sing from taking choir freshman year of high school but obviously her voice is going to be good. Listen fuckhead, Imagine you're born into LA, You're entire family works in the music industry, You're parents put you in the fucking LA Children's Choir when you're 8 years old, And you sing for literally you're entire stupid fucking dipshit wannabe depressed life, Obviously you're going to be able to sing very quietly and do falsetto pretty well by the time you're 16 and your fucking MUSIC PRODUCER BROTHER is helping you write music. But that's not even the worst part of Billie Eyelash, Her stupid fucking wannabe depressed attitude. Look, I get it, She's 16, She doesn't understand her emotions yet. But If she's 16 and want to express her emotion, Learn how to express it in a way that isnt the most fucking vapid emotionless shit on the planet. One of my favorite bands is Radiohead, And Thom Yorke has a quote where, In regards to their music being sad, He talks about how it's not about the music being sad, It's about using that emotion as inspiration to make something good. Billie Eilish is homeschooled and hangs out with celebrities every fuckin day, But all she can manage to do with her emotion is by basically bragging about being depressed 24/7 like it's some cool shit. Is there anything more annoying than those fucking idiot chicks you knew in highschool that would talk about being sad all the time? Then why the fuck are you imbicils actually supporting this dipshit that just brags about being sad all the time. Jesus christ I hate Bully Goolash so fucking bad.

  • Why not lol

    The other day I attempted to take down Ben Shapiro by digging up offensive Tweets. Hours upon hours I scrolled, Looking through libtard destruction through the years in hopes of finding something to destroy the smug bastard. Finally, I found something. Half chubbed, I chortled, "finally! A weapon to defeat Daddy Shapiro! I'll go call the DNC! "

    Suddenly I hear a rumbling sound in the distance. As it starts growing louder I knew I was in for a fight. Suddenly, My door flies open so fast it disappears, Presumably with all the other libtards who have been destroyed. He's here. Stepping through the door, Chad energy radiating from him, Is Ben Shapiro. "So, You dare challenge me libtard? " Ben asked with a smirk. I stayed silent, Simply allowing my chub to grow to 75%. "Well you're in for a fight. " He said as he conjured up a 5 foot long gavel out of thin air.

    I wasted no time, Rushing straight for him, But Shapiro was prepared and blocked me. "You're a quick one aren't you? " He chuckled, Before bashing me with his gavel. As 82 genders were knocked out of me, I fell to the floor and saw him standing above, Laughing. "And here I thought you'd put up a good fight. Shameful. "

    I wasn't out yet; I still had tricks up my sleeve. I ran to my computer and searched for Tumblr. My ace in the hole. As I began reading off blogs shaming straight white men, I could see him weakening. Lucky for me my cuck powers allowed me to be unaffected. Knowing he was weak, I searched for DeviantArt. He knew my plan. As I searched up gay furry porn he closed his eyes and approached me before shouting facts and logic into my ears.

    I fell out of my chair and recoiled. Something had taken over me. The facts and logic were too much. He had defeated me. Looking over me with his gavel, He destroyed the computer and said, "heh, Another libtard destroyed. " He then swung his gavel down, Popping my testicles like a balloon filled with spaghetti and meatballs before shooting out through the ceiling. As I reached peak cuck-atude, I vowed my revenge towards Ben. Although he was gone, I still heard his voice in my head, Saying "okay this is epic. "

  • He can say it

    He got the n word pass from obama he got the n word pass from obama he got the n word pass from obama he got the n word pass from obama he got the n word pass from obama he got the n word pass from obama he got the n word pass from obama

  • He is the black guy! AAAAAA

    He is the black guy and they can say the n word.
    Maybe wrong dr phil but he realy do be black sometimes like in episode 54 : act 4 where he do funny moment 4 hahaha epic funny! I love dr phil so much awesome wholesome 100 99% say yes

  • Dr. Phil Isn't Human

    Dr. Phil is not a homo sapient, He is a homo superior. Therefore he is not bound by human customs and can use our vocabulary as he sees fit. He likely knows best anyway. Pee pee poo poo, Ba ba, Rip jahseh onfrey aka xxxtentacion. Stan Martina Sumner. Go Gata.

  • He is so fucking black

    Hes parents has black history, And his shiny head makes it even more black so he is double black, He is double black man with all the passes so you can go fuck yourself if you think he is not black. Did you know, He actually acted as lamar in GTAV

  • Dr. Phil is black! 1! 1!

    Bruh he clearly is black like bruh fr fr he has to be black like bruh i swear he's black like honestly fr fr he's black like if you look at him he's definitely black like bruh i don't understand how you can't see the black in him he is fr black and that's why we has the n word piss ass B)

  • Yes yes yes yes

    He is steve harvey also soo he automaticslly gets n word pass nn n n n n n n n n n n n hheeee eheeee DR PHILM IS A GOD ALONGSIDE SHAGGY AAAA A A A A A A A A A A A A AA A A a

  • Why Not though

    Yes he can. Dr Phil is one of the gods of the current generation. He had to face Shaggy, But unfortunately lost by a big margin. Even though Shaggy was using 1% of his power, Shaggy donated a small piece of his N word pass to Dr Phil, Now Dr Phil fights for justice only, Yes.

  • Dr phil is not a gamer!

    Dr phil is not a gamer! He does not present any gamer ideology and only gamers and people of the race can say the n word (only gamers can say it because they are heated! Like pewdiepie (wholesome 100 epic keanu chungus biggie smalls funny 500) and epic fortnite gameplay!

  • Why would he need to?

    The N word shouldn't be said by any non black person ever. I don't even think black people should use the n word but were past that. Can your sister eat off your plate, Or a complete stranger? Most people would prefer if their sister did, Because they have they familiarity and their own history, Just like black people have their own history with the word and are allowed to use it how they see fit, Cause it was used against them.

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