• Anything can be an Influence

    A number of things can be listed as an influence on bad behavior-- many of those interrogated or with written manifestos of their thoughts before crimes often site different movies, Songs, And assorted media as inspiration to commit bad behavior. While it certainly may not be true for all, Music too holds the potential to influence bad behavior-- but this does not mean it causes it.

    Posted by: Khoi
  • Music can become influence

    Many teens are influenced by the people around them, Things they hear on television, And what they hear from books, Politics, Etc. Teens can easily be influenced by music and it is a fact. The most common and worst result of this is kids hearing vulgar rap music and wanting to participate in gang activity. Kids could hear music about people shooting guns and "having lots of girls" and automatically aspire to be like them. Rappers like YNW Melly, 19, Who is in jail, TayK, 18, Who is facing murder charges on a life sentence, And, Kodak Black, 21, Who just recently got out of jail. Teens listen to the music these rappers create and aspire to be "hard" like them.

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  • Yes it CAN.

    The question asks "Can music influence bad behavior in teens? " I am not saying it always does but in many cases it has. For instance, Many kids who listen to gangster rap may be inspired to either join a gang or just commit gang like crime on their own. A song about drug use may inspire a child to do drugs. Even the music can pump kids up to act more aggressive. Look at the hardcore punk rock that inspired mosh pits. Places were being dance violently and have been known to cause serious injury. Thing is, The opposite is also true. Listening to some music can actually have a calming effect to make kids less prone to bad behavior. Again, This is not saying that it necessarily does, Just that it CAN.

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  • Nope, It doesn't

    I've listened to Pink Floyd for a long while and honestly one album by the band taught me to not waste time and that everyone should be treated equally.

    "Every year is getting shorter never seem to find the time. "

    "And after all we're only ordinary men"

    So I use my time wisely and I've learned to treat everyone equally no matter race, Religion, Gender, Etc.

    If that is bad behavior according to you, Move me to the Yes side.

    Posted by: VCTG
  • No it doesn't

    I like to listen to a lot of heavy metal and hard rock. I like bands like Slipknot, System of a down, Metallica, And killswitch Engage but i have never done anything bad. I've never broken a law, Gone to jail, Or even got hit with a ticket. I used to listen rap too but i have never sold drugs or shot people.

  • What do you mean

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