Can my mother take all my belongings (clothes, Valuables, Etc. ) Without me living with her?

  • I got kicked out without me living with her

    My mother took all my belongings after she kicked me
    out, But I don't live with my mom. Then says she's
    gonna call the police and say I'm a runaway and tell
    them that the person I stay with, Get charged with
    satutory rape. Is she in the right.

  • Not if you can do something about it.

    Hide what you still have so she cannot steal it. Buy a small secret recorder and record your mother's rants and threats so that you can prove that she is a liar and expose her threats. You can hire an attorney and apply for emancipation or have her rights to you revoked.
    If she likes to use drugs call the cops on her. Or if she is doing some crime you can report her.
    Find a counselor that can help you get the legal help that you need and connect you with child protective services.
    Sometimes they do not believe teens but if you are professional enough you can get the help you need.
    Even if your little brother or sister might get taken away they can stay with your grandmother or live somewhere better

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