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  • Yes, Phil Collins is extremely talented and can still perform well.

    Yes, Phil Collins is a super talented musician. He sings well, he drums superbly, and he can still entertain audiences. I feel he can continue to perform around the world indefinitely. He will continue to draw crowds since he has fans all over. Collins is a talented performer who has many years left in him when it comes to entertaining audiences.

  • Yes, just not as well

    Phil Collins has many songs that have been regarded as classics. In his prime he had a phenomenal and unique voice. While he has aged quite a bit at this point and he can't perform the way he could when he is younger, he is still a very good musician that can perform as well as anyone.

  • Yes, Phil Collins can still perform well.

    Yes, Phil Collins can still perform well. There are many geriatric rockers that are still hitting the stage beyond the age of 70, Can they rock as hard as they used to? Who can after a certain age? His voice is still awesome, he just might not be able to do a strenuous tour like he'd have been able to do 20 years ago.

  • Collins Comeback Will Be Short

    Phil Collins' has expressed that his desire to return to performance was sparked by his children's interest in music. This isn't a powerful long term motivator. The time away from family may prove to be a powerful force to draw him back home. Lastly, the intensity of playing an entire tour will likely exacerbate the previous health problems that led him to leave his music career.

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