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  • Yes, I think so.

    The province of Alberta pledged to phase out its fleet of coal-fired electricity plants by 2030, taking just 15 years to rid itself of a fuel currently supplying over half its power. (The province deserves special kudos because federal regulations don't require the last coal facility to close until 2062!) Alberta promises to replace two-thirds of the coal with renewable energy, especially wind — an extraordinary decision by the jurisdiction that currently burns more coal than the rest of Canada combined.

  • Yes, they will

    It seems that way. If so, the new policy will be part of a heartening international trend that includes the American Clean Power Plan and Britain's just-announced 10-year coal phase-out. These strategies are not perfect — the problematic use of natural gas and nuclear power will continue — but there will be less combustion of the toxic black rock. For that we should be immensely grateful.

  • Yes, they will.

    Canada is very determined to get rid of coal, and the resources to replace it are availble. I beleive that not only will they get rid of coal by 2030, but that they will be able to get rid of it earlier. Other countries may not be quite as successful

  • Hope it can

    Canada at least seems to have developed a long term plan to phase out coal, and is working with it's major coal burning plants on the choice between phasing out coal entirely and replacing it with lower-emitting resources, or using carbon capture and storage technology, The country seems to be in support of this plan.

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