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  • Stats say so

    If you look at their records, it will show that the Cavs are better than the Jazz. Many other stats will show the same thing. Of course, opinions of certain people may say otherwise, but usually it is the facts (aka stats) that paint the true picture. Sure, the Jazz beat the Cavs, but one game doesn't make a team better than the other.

  • The Cavs have a higher shooting percentage.

    The Cavs are better than the Jazz because the Cavs play more like a team. The Jazz has individual players that try to star for themselves. the Cavs play defense unselfishly, and they do a good job passing the ball. They also have a higher shooting percentage from the paint than the Jazz.

  • The Cavs are better than the Jazz

    The Cleveland Cavaliers are far better than the Jazz. That is true among anyone that has happened ocean about professional basketball. The Cavaliers have the greatest player to ever play the game currently on its roster. He is let them to a championship, and has won several with other teams.

  • No, not necessarily.

    Between the Cavaliers and the Jazz basketball teams, it's hard to say who is better. To me, it's a toss up. The Cavaliers' guard Kyle Korver made his debut and did pretty well, but in the end the Jazz won the game. So it's just too early to tell who's better.

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