Classes should be taught by a mixture of both teachers and robots

  • Yes finally the future is here.

    I can go at my own speed and the teacher can stop wasting time talking about their pet dog or ramble on about themselves.
    However there should be some human teachers because they need to do some wellness checks. To see if a student is being beaten or abused. But then again a robot can do it without violating them.
    There are just way to many teachers seducing students.

  • Robots could offer additional support

    Teachers can’t be everywhere at once! A robot would be able to support the solving of in the moment questions or redirecting students who are finished while the teacher is working with other students. Would definitely need to be strongly regulated but could have a positive impact. Thanks for reading.

  • It’s the 21st Century

    I believe our world is moving in a mixture of human and robot/high-tech/virtual reality/A. I. Direction, And more and more educational systems and programs along with educators themselves are integrating technology into their everyday instruction and methodology. Additionally, The younger generations of students are more and more in tuned with technology and utilizing it in their daily lives so it makes sense to teach to the present/future age in order to reach our learners, Interacting with them in a faster, More efficient manners.

  • Robots only is good

    Humans have emotions that might make them tired. Robots will work constantly. Robots may have better criteria as it is more general. Humans are trash. Robots are gods. Humans are going to be obsoete and Artificial intelligence will take over as it is more fit for earth. Y y y

  • No, Mixology of Teachers and Robots

    1) People will lose jobs
    2) The decrease in social, Emotion, Psychological, And personal interact and support.
    3) Reduction in education support special needs children.
    4) The decrease in social and emotion interact support skills.
    Psychological, And personal interact and support.
    5) Possible 100% robot take over if these initial phase go into motion.

  • You only need living educators

    Classes should not be taught by a mixture of teachers and robots due to the fact that a robot cannot respond to questions that may be more emotional in a class discussion. Such as when a student is connecting to information on personal level as opposed to a "book read" level.

  • Don't Lose Our Humanity

    While the use of robots may assist teachers and students with menial tasks, Robots cannot replace the human element to teaching, Which is vital to students' development. Robots require coding and programming, And I don't believe care, Concern, Empathy, Etc can be programmed. Technology already has decreased inhuman interactions. It'll get worse if we over-rely on them.

  • Robots don't have hearts

    Robots can not feel children's energy to sense things that go unspoken. They are logical machines not emotional ones. Without emotion there is no passion, Just words. In any given moment a lesson may need to be adjusted b. C of how students react or lack of reaction a robot will not be able to sense those small emotional needs.

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