Constitution? Maybe I’m wrong, But somewhere it says we are not to be forced to buy things from private vendors.

Asked by: Sooooscofit
  • We The Self-Determinists

    It goes deeper. The American soul is essentially that of the "FU", If even suggested in a definite direction, Much less told from beyond one's eyes. Hitchens, Speaking at the Sydney Writer's Festival, Said in his defining American 'tude, ". . . If you let me keep my gun, And you stay out of my church, Then I don't want any more help from you than that, Thanks. I'd rather live as if the government wasn't there. That's the point of being a American. They don't want to hear from Washington. 'It's my right to live in this part of Kansas, Unmolested'. " The Progressive, Even marginally Leftist ideal, Is the forcing of Voltaire's adage, E. G. "defend to the death your right to say {whatever}. " Those pushing so-called social justice, Provide the What You Should Say (or purchase, Etc. ) as script for this barn dance of Diversity Uniformity. Yet, The American soul, With rulebook of parchment or without it, Is "FU", Or we frankly would not have such a country to begin. By me, It devolves to poison being permitted taught to progeny not permitted struck. Result? A really lazy zombie version of Mao's Cultural Revolution. The reality of this, Is the only positive thing I see in cell phones.

  • People shall not be forced to purchase goods from private vendors

    I’m thinking that’s why the government wants to own everything? Seems they’ve been busy taking over everything, If they say we can’t buy something, Say a vape ( just an example please) They are a private company. . Then they force us in a subtle way, Say something like insurance. . ( just an example).

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