• Yahoo customer service assistant 2019

    Yahoo Mail Customer service Assistant support to a wide range of technical products. Yahoo customer service phone number to resolve all Yahoo mail issues. Call Yahoo customer service representative live person 24/7 to fix the problems. Your best option for resolving your Yahoo customer service issue is by going to their Realmailfix.

    Visit : https://www. Realmailfix. Com/yahoo-mail-customer-service-number/

  • Customer Support Personnel Should Meet Genocide as a Demographic

    Customer Service, In any other venue but Physically Present a foot and a half away, Should just die. And go to Hell with their heads cut off. They should do this if rude, For their being rude (the customer is always obviously superior); they should do this for being polite, As this indicates a zombie-mentality or lying outright; they should go to hell if unhelpful, For they FAILED; they should go there for actually helping, Because they existed only for that, And are a used Kleenex, So need to Go Away.

    If You're Customer Service, Please Die. And Go To Hell. With your head cut off. You are part of the human problem that stands right out. Oh. And I Hate your voice. It's the same one, No matter the accent.

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