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Country Fans Still Angry at the Dixie Chicks. Will country fans ever forgive them for their liberal views?

  • Yes, the Dixie Chicks will be forgiven by country music fans.

    Yes, the Dixie Chicks will be forgiven by country music fans for their liberal views. To assume that all country music fans are angry conservatives and always will be is unfounded. Many country fans share the same views as the Dixie Chicks, and the fans that don't will eventually realize the the freedom to disagree with our fellow Americans is a value shared by all in our nation.

  • No, country fans in general will not accept the Dixie Chicks' views.

    The country music fan base is stereotypically conservative, especially with the basis behind country songs having strong conservative religious ties, innate love of the second amendment, and a generally large importance of individual freedoms. The Dixie Chicks' disagree with many of these viewpoints but also disgraced the CMA's, which is not a positive step towards bringing country fans to agree with them. They have made country fans dislike them independent of their political beliefs, so the fans will never be willing to agree with them on political standings.

  • Some country fans may never forgive the Dixie Chicks for their liberal views

    No, it is not likely that some country fans will ever forgive the Dixie Chicks for their liberal views. There is a group of country fans (many of them Trump supporters) who are very set in what they consider conservative views (others may consider them just plain narrow-minded) and they will hold to those views tightly, while looking for someone else to blame. What they should be angry about is the Beyonce performance at the CMA's.

  • I don't think many will forgive the Dixie Chicks for their views.

    Country music's fan base is conservative Republicans, so the chances that they will forgive the Dixie Chicks for their "liberal" views is not likely. This is an example of Republican stubbornness and inability to be open to views other than their own. It is damaging and only leads to gridlock politically and nationally.

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