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  • Time to grow up

    The death penalty is completely punitive, And only in place because people desire revenge. Now, America's criminal justice has serious problems, But they are not beyond fixing; the many flaws, Provide all the more reason to do away with the practice of executing our own citizens. It is time to stop letting our emotions harm people, And try to actualize the dream of a system of rehabilitation.

  • Let them suffer.

    Instead of letting them escape the lifelong lack of freedom through death, Let them suffer in the dark, In solitary confinement. Multiple people have proven that lack of social interaction is terrible for your mental health. So, Let them survive alone in the dark, As a victim of their own slowly developing mental illnesses. Many may think that the death penalty is okay because it costs so much to feed a prisoner, Around 34, 000$ yearly I believe, But even with the death penalty, There will still be taxes.

  • There are cases where it may be warranted

    To abolish the death penalty. One must believe that there is no crime so heinous that the perpetrator should be killed. Just look to the Nuremberg trials, Other war crimes, Serial killers etc. Granted there have been abuses where innocent people have been executed, But that is the fault of the justice system, Not the fault of the method of punishment.

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