Desiigner released his first mixtape, New English. Can he live up to the hype created by his single Panda?

  • His mixtape may be full of even more hits.

    I think that Desiigner could definitely live up to the hype his first single, Panda, created with his new mixtape. If his first single was able to create such a stir and gain that much popularity, the rest of his mixtape may be just as popular and he could have many more hits.

  • Yes, I believie Desiigner can certainly live up to his own hype.

    Desiigner has the potential to live up to the hype around his single, "Panda", for many reasons. Desiigner, despite his age, has already been working the game for five years now-- as long as fellow Trap artist Fetty Wap, another artist who did well to live up to the hype surrounding his huge single "Trap Queen". Desiigner also displays a talent in his lyrics, cleverly formed around the masterfully created beats. Lastly, the single itself was sampled by Kanye West for his latest album; a true mark of quality for an artist in the rap game.

  • Yes, he can.

    It seems as if he put as much hard work and dedication into the mixtape as he did in the single than he will absolutely live up to the hype created by his single. It is clear he is talented and worth listening to, and his new mixtape should be exciting.

  • Desiigner cannot live up to the hype of his first single.

    Desiigner's mixtape, New English, cannot live up to the hype of Panda because the tracks do not feel very original. His tracks sound like they borrow styles from many other rappers rather than creating a defining style that is his own. He has been compared to other artists such as Future, Waka Flocka Flame, Lex Luger, and Chief Keef, but rather than being a compliment, that means his work does not feel new in this music scene.

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