• Heed my words children of Earth. . .

    Have you read the Bible? It is LITERALLY written proof that God made the Earth. The earth is in PERFECT condition for sustaining life. God said "Let there be light, " and there was light. SO in a sense, Yes there was a "Big Bang". Because God said it, BOOM! It happened. Also God was not born on Earth. You have it wrong if you think that. God does not have a beginning or an end. He could not have come into existence for He is beyond time. For us humans, We are limited by time. We are born, And we die. God is not like us. That comes to Jesus. Jesus was 100% man, And 100% God. The Holy Spirit conceived Him in Mary's womb. If He had even 1 drop of Mary's blood, Then He would be human and not God. God is holy, He cannot be in the presence of something that is unclean, Or not holy. Anyway, God DID create Earth.

  • God made earth

    I'm sorry, But all you folks who say there is no proof, Well your gonna hate this. First off, Have you read the Bible? It is LITERALLY written proof that God made the Earth. But hey, Don't take my word for it, Go to a Mass and talk to the priest. Next, You have all these beautiful land marks. How could science make that? And where did humans come from? Aliens? Where did aliens come from? And no, Sorry, But God didn't come from Earth. He has always been here and will always be here. If you say aliens came from space, How did space get here? Even if it confuses you, And you don't believe me, Go to a priest, Ask him, And you'll get your answer. If you say humans come from stardust, Where did the stardust come from? Stars? Where did the stars come from? Fire? Where did the fire come from? Everything had to come from somewhere or something, But guess what? It came from GOD.

  • Second Part (read the first part first. )

    The rocks layers that you claim are millions of years. Why are they so curvy? Rocks are rigid and they crack when you bend them. Yet in the ground canyon the rocks are very bend and curved. Its almost like the whole grand canyon was created at once in some violent world wide flood. Oh wait.
    Everywhere there are flood legends. There are over 400 flood legends world wide. Some people even compiled details on how much they agree and disagree. Where did the human languages come from. Linguistics do not know how did people came up with different languages like Proto-Indo-European and Proto-Sino-Tibetan. It just happen. And the fable of babel is in the ancient mezo american myth.

    Second the pure hypocrisy of the higher education. There are people with actual PHDs in science who do not believe in evolution and are public about it. Some of them are christian and some of them are agnostic. And yet its always the evolutionists that want to force everyone to believe that only the smartest people on earth are all evolutionists. Some of your peers do not believe.
    Even Niel Tyson refused to be associated with you.
    Believing in evolution does not make you smarter.

    So There I believe God created the earth. I believe that the flood happen and that a very violent event created the mountains and that the story of babel happened.

    And I believe in the coming apocalypses. The world is going to be in a great crisis and a very smart man will become the world leader. There will be one currency and world government. People will want peace and security and prosperity but they will have brought their own ruin.

  • Allow me to educate you, If you are brave enough to listen

    First off the planets do not all rotate in the same direction. How does your model account for that?
    Second the process you are describing is very slow. All of the helium in earth would all leak out in 100, 000 years. And yet uranium rocks inside quarts still had over 50% of the helium remaining and it was located in a very hot desert where the rate of helium leaving would be much faster. Young Earth.

    Your whole issue with radiocarbon. Carbon is good for about 10, 000 years give or take 2, 000 years. And you never use it on anything "old"
    And then there was this diamond that dated 50, 000 years old and it still had radio carbon in it.

    Dinosaur soft tissue, Actual blood and organic materials have been found of dinosaurs. You made up the biggest lie that the iron in the blood somehow preserved the DNA and organic structures. I call that blind denial.
    And yet if you look you can see actual human drawings and painting of dinosaurs. Keep in mind it takes experts to accurately draw dinosaurs based on bones. And yet the ancient people accurately drew dinosaurs.
    Your idol Karl Sagan the foolish said that because our rodent ancestors saw them we remembered them by our dreams. That does not sound scientific that sounds like a drugged up hippie.

  • God is just a ideology. . .

    The concept of god was created for a precise thought of relaying on a person not human but superior. It was probably meant for sense of relief from pain and depression that there is someone who will handle everything. . . Scientifically, We have the bitter idea of what could have happened back then which is the theory of the Big Bang. . . Now the people who think that God is the most powerful energy would obviously say that 'God made Earth' and stay satisfied with the answer without any effort or discomfort, Because instinctively people visualize God as Father and what states the opinion of God can never be wrong and there is no point of argue. . . But the curious minds figure these concepts of thinking out of the box and going beyond imagination and increasing the span of science. . . . I totally agree that science is limited at the extent of what humanity has known and there is something beyond science, But don't misunderstand it as God. We are a part of a system, I. E. Nature, We must respect the presence of us and all other living beings in it.

  • God can't make Earth

    If god was born on Earth, God couldn't have made Earth. Earth is made from stardust and not the powers of god. There couldn't have been a living being with somewhere to live on, And god was once a living being. So, In conclusion, No god did not make earth.

  • There is no proof

    I feel as if once we have proof that the existence of god AND them creating the earth, Then sure. But for now, We have 0 proof. And how scientist believe the earth and universe is much more plausible and realistic than some ''god'' we don't even know exists or not creating the earth.

  • Science made earth!

    Before the Earth was made there was our star (sun). Overtime gravity slowly pushed dust and rocks together and after a while the Earth formed. Now at that time Earth wasn't Earth yet, It was a big smeldering, Hot, Firey ball of magma. Astroids would strike this ball of magma and make it bigger. Then these astroids with water crystals inside them struck the Earth. That ooled down the Earth and made these exhaust vents come from the core of the Earth to release carbon dioxide, LOTS OF CARBON DIXOIDE. Then more astroids with a bacteria. That bacteria then took in carbon dioxide and made oxygen. These bacteria evolved into plants and those plants produced oxygen. Over time more astroids hit, Which put more bacteria, And after a lot of evolvloution humans came. BOOOM

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