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Did Meryl Streep incite people's worst instincts with her Golden Globe speech?

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  • No, I don't think Meryl Streep incited people.

    If anything incited people to respond to Streep's comments, it is the animosity extending from the presidential election. There is so much tension and no one is backing down. If we don't put aside our differences, we are going to an easy target for our enemies in the next four years.

  • She didn't incite anything

    Meryl Streep gave a very impassioned speech about her feelings about leadership, but at no point did she incite people to do anything. People who agree with her sentiments might feel emboldened to step up and take action, but that isn't the same as inciting a person's worst instincts by any means.

  • She was just statin her opinion.

    No, Meryl Streep didn't incite people's worst instincts with her Golden Globe speech, because most people know that she was just giving her opinion. Most people know that celebrities use the platform that they have to state their opinion, but that it doesn't go beyond that. Her statements probably just came from her own fears.

  • She simply spoke from the heart

    Meryl Streep spoke what she truly felt in her heart. She wasn't inciting anyone's instincts. She was telling the world that she felt Trump is a bad person, someone unfit to lead our country. She gave voice to so many other people that don't have the same ability to be heard.

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