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  • Yes, in part.

    It is undeniable that slavery had a role to play in the secession and Civil War. Much of the North was against slavery, and had illegalized it. Much of the south, on the other hand, relied on slavery for economic support, as many plantations relied on slave work to operate. While it may not have been the only reason, or even necessarily the biggest reason the Civil War was fought, it is undeniably a one of the reasons.

  • Yes, the south fought for slavery.

    I am a southerner and a big supporter of the confederate flag. I wear it every day on my hat and am proud of my southern heritage and southern history. But that does not mean I ignore the negative aspects of my heritage and history. The south most certainly fought for slavery, as it was a reason for their succession. Was it the main reason? Of course not. The constitution that was drafted by the Confederate States explicitly outlined the legality of slavery.

    Be proud of your southern heritage and history, but do not ignore negative aspects.

  • The southern states succeeded because they did not want to abolish slavery causing the war.

    The southern states were dependant on slave labor for financial stability. Since the southern economy were dependent on agriculture, they needed a large number of people to farm the plantations. Abolition would have taken free labor from the planters and severely hurt the southern economy. When northern states decided to abolish slavery, the southern states succeeded from the Union believing they should be able to keep slaves without government interference. The succession was considered illegal by the Union and therefore caused the civil war.

  • No they didn't...

    The South didn't fight for slavery, they seceded over slavery.
    The commencing civil war was fought because of the secession of the south, not because of slavery.
    In Short,
    The secession of the south was due to slavery, however the civil war was fought because of the secession of the south.

  • No they didn't....

    The federal government placed tariffs which crippled southern trade, solely to force the south to trade with them at high prices. Abraham Lincoln dismissed many soldiers/officers for freeing slaves. The northern states were using federal power to gain southern profit. The south wanted states to decide own laws. 5% to 10% owned slaves. 20,000 FREE blacks WILLINGLY fought for the south. Slave trade outside of the country made illegal, and confederate Fed could not control slavery. States had right to decide if they wanted slavery. Many northern general's stated (including Grant) that if the north threatened slavery either them or their men would fight for the south. Lincoln stated times he didn't care about slavery.

  • It wasn't a reason. It was just a goal of Abraham Lincolns for the liberals..

    Let's not forget that there were slaves who had fought on both sides Confederate and Union, and most incompetent people would probably fall for a stupid reason. The South fought for a terminology called "States Rights" which sounds to me like a war that happened years before...The Revolutionary war when you put it into context it sounds like the South fought for the same reason as the Patriots did from Great Britain.

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