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  • Zaza ruined the San Antonio Spurs

    Just focusing on the Kawhi Leonard incident. It was obviously an intentional shot at the Spurs. It happened when the Warriors were most vulnerable to lose the WCF and an 'oops my foot slipped' isn't gonna cut it! Now, Look what happened as a result! (Kawhi to Toronto, Danny Green going along, Tony Parker, Manu) all these problems really rooted from Zaza injuring Kawhi! Think about it.

  • Watch the video

    I think Zaza did try to hurt Russell Westbrook.I say that because if you hear reporters talk to Russell he's angry/pissed off at Zaza he even said I'm going to get his blank back.Im just trying to say that Zaza meant it to hurt Kawii Leonard,Steph Curry,Kevin Durant,Russell Westbrook.STOP Zaza

  • Zaza is a cool guy

    Zaza Pachulia is a cool guy. He plays on the warriors, the greatest basketball team of all time. I like the warriors because they won a championship. Also, He helped his team beat the Spurs. Also, He is a great center with a 3 point shot that is better than steph curry. He is better than Lebron. He is a nice guy who everyone likes.

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