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  • Way too much

    Look at Selena Gomez. If my internet research is correct she received 3 million dollars in one year, but this was a while back. It has probably increased by now. So, she is earning more than most Chief Executive Officers (granted, the biggest multinational corporation leaders get higher numbers). To me, this is just wrong. I know they work hard as actors, I know they wake up early and have to hit the gym to look great for specific scenes and terrible for others. But compare what they do - one job of acting, for a few months a year - with what people with jobs that require innovation, risk and traditional hard work in order to achieve financial success do ... Nah. Sorry.

  • To much money

    Why do they get paid millions of dollars to play a character. Along with athletes who get paid millions of dollars to play a game. There are people who work 10 times as hard as they do and they make less than $20,000 a year. Everyone deserves a fair sallary. Prices go up on everything but pay doesn't. That doesn't sound balanced. I'm pretty sure if the people balanced pay at every job and people could afford a home, clothes, a car, food, and other needs,... Crime would go down. There's people working 50 hours a week making 1500 a month and still can't live comfortably. Yet actors and athletes get paid millions to read a script and play a game. Pathetic! People who enlist and give their lives for this country can't even live comfortably and honestly I think they should make the most. This country controls things horribly and one day the economy will fail. The way things are going won't be long until everything crashes.

  • Societal value is warped.

    It's not just the actors; it's the entire entertainment industry. Why should singers and comedians make that much money? And, let's not just stop at entertainers. How about professional athletes? Should football players really deserve $25M contracts? When you look at how much Firemen (Yes, those people who risk their LIVES), Teachers (Yes, those people who taught US), and Social Workers (Yes, those people who take case loads to help the distraught or in need), etc., nobody can rightfully say that the entertainers and athletes deserve so much. Just because there're advertising dollars flowing in doesn't mean the dollar to dollar matching of their salary. Somehow, this society has to figure out how to balance the wage inequity among the industries and jobs.

  • Actors get paid alot

    They get so much money for such an easy job. Yes they may have worked hard to get where they are now but there are so many other people that work so hard doing their profession and barley make minimum-wage. I can't understand why acting is so important to people when they don't do anything but say a few lines on camera and show their faces a few times. Yes there is the entertainment factor but that doesn't change the fact their getting paid WAY too much money. And so to speak there was a time and still is a time when i wanted to act and show my feelings on a stage or in a show or a movie but I don't respect that how much i'll be paid will ever resolve anything considering I would have so much money and yet nothing to do with it. If so many actors think the same way and have "nothing to do with their money" why not at least donate it?

  • All the money they can't possibly spend.

    It's absolutely ridiculous. I'm a nurse. I make a lot less than people think I do, I barely have enough to pay rent and feed myself at the end of the week. And these people, who do nothing of great importance, get millions and millions of dollars, all that money they can't possibly spend in one lifetime. I've worked a 28 hours shift before, not a wink of sleep except a 20 minuet nap in the breakroom, on a couch, with three other nurses. There are people dying because they can't afford healthcare, or cant afford to go to the doctor, people who can't afford clean water, education, or a stable roof over their head and these people have all this money for what? I heard Robert Downy Jr. Made 50 million dollars from Avengers.... 50 millions dollars! Absurd.

  • Way too much

    What makes them more important than everyone else? Just because they stand there and look good? I don't get it
    It makes me angry...Instead of giving this to those spoiled humans we should give the money to cancer research or something. But wait, people are selfish, almost forgot. Wake up society.

  • Greed is a disease

    Actors (and the rest of the 1%) are greedy. No healthy human being needs millions and millions of dollars to live. And no healthy human being could believe that they are worth millions in the face of global austerity. The majority of our world's citizens have become massively undervalued and ignored. Humble yourselves, Hollywood hoarders.

  • Actors pay, way too much

    Regardless of what you become, a teacher was involved, a policeman was protecting and a nurse was on stand by in case needed. All professions that are needed in a nonstandard society. As far as actors, yes entertainment is nice, but not one of them is worth the nurse, policeman(woman) or nurse. When you need help in an emergency or education on a subject, seek an actor and see how well they pretend.

  • $2,000,000 per episode!

    2 million dollars per episode is enough for 4 million people to live luxurious lives. People are dying of starvation so actors can earn more than they could ever need and I dare say manage to spend.
    Doctors and lawyers do a job of actual importance; keeping our ridiculously wealthy celebrities alive, healthy and out of jail.
    The injustice is disgusting and what's wrong with this world.

  • Crazy Sums of Money

    They work hard and spend what 16-20 hour days just to do one episode. Of course, that doesn't mean they should get paid as much as they do. It's crazy the amount just per episode not by season. There's all this poor economy and yet here were we are giving these people crazy amounts of money.

  • Get paid what your worth

    Listen..Bottom line is that the highest paid actors negotiated what they got. Many have been at it for years and earned little while they climbed the rhetorical ladder to success. It also depends on the films budget. As the saying goes...Don't hate the player, hate the game. I can certainly bet that if you or a loved one were in the actor's shoes getting paid like royalty, there wouldn't be much of an argument. Think about how films make their money; actors only get a piece of that...Actors like fighters have a marquee value and it can be short lived, so they have to get as much as they can get while the getting is good...Can't blame the hustle on the hustler because they know how to make that bank....

  • Acting is hard

    Being a actor isn't all fun and games, imagine fighting thousands of people who are trying to be the same person as you, then if your 'attractive' enough you have to be able to become the person in question. If your good/lucky enough you might get a maybe from people, then if you do get the part you have to continuously be someone else taking upon their stress, problems and wrong doings. Aaaand ontop of that 99% of paid actors earn minimum wage or less.

  • Nobody should have a limit on how much they can earn.

    Putting a maximum wage on anyone is just not right. In addition to this many actors/actresses use their money to help people. Angelina Jolie for example spent millions of her income traveling to different countries to help poor and homeless people. Not to mention we are the reason these actors are getting paid so much! Aren't we the ones who are paying for the movies or shows that they are in? Whether you are just watching Netflix or if you purchase it from a store YOU are supporting those actors. If you think they get paid too much then just stop watching TV. Before you criticize how much money actors are getting, think about the reason they are getting it.

  • Actors Don't Need That Much

    They read lines and do moves that's it and they get payed 1 mill for doing a 6 episode season. It's an outrage, why do they get payed so much for really doing nothing, I'm a year 7 student that doesn't know much BUT I DAM WELL KNOW that actors don't need that much.

  • Not all actors earn millions.

    What the pro side seems to have forgotten is that many "actors" may be extras earning money by the hour. Also when you describe a job at it's basic level you don't give it justice. You can describe many jobs and make them sound unimportant or easy to do. Physicists- do math, teachers-teach writers put words on paper, directors tell people what to do. Any fool can read, and speak words, but not all can bring characters to life, portray their emotions, bring a presence to the character. Acting is an art form not working at McDonald's. The pro side only seems to speak about the smaller percentage of actors who hit it big, the stereotype.

  • Underrated talented actors and actresses.

    They are the one to be famous and everything but what about the rest of the actors in LA and New York? Most do not book that much jobs and are very talented. So stop cause the majority are person like you and me. That's how this show business works!

  • It's Because of Us

    The reason they get so much money is that millions of people are watching their movies. The money has to go somewhere. Also, It's not like their not donating to charity. If you think they get paid too much then just stop watching movies ( which is unlikely). Simple economics

  • They get the true salary

    Think about entertainment, Millions of people paying millions of dollars (in total) to watch certain movie, Entertain themselves. If we sum those millions up, Well, This is indeed what this (let's say) movie deserves and this amount of money is destributed to actors. Certainly actors are very talented, Not everyone has the charisma and abilities like actors have.
    However, Why don't other people, Who save lives and generally make way bigger contribution to the society's prosperity earn that much? Well, Do people pay millions of dollars them? The salary, They get is from the government. While, The one that actors get is from people and how can we blame actors for that, When we, Ourselves pay them, Thereby raising their wages. Look and think deeper, Start from yourself first.

  • Clearly most have no understanding to the reality of the life of actors

    This debate missing the point that the very vast majority of actors earn very little, many don't even make minimum wage. The salary of a hand full of celebrities is a far cry from the reality of the rest of the industry.

    On the note of the highest earners (which do not even equate to the top 1%, more like the top 0.00001%) the reason why they get paid such massive sums is because of they add genuine financial value to the shows or movies they work on. No ones claiming their work is more important than a police officer, but we live in a society where money rules, and where a big budget moves (which is going to make hundreds of millions) will pay someone like The Rock a massive fee, because his name value alone will attract more ticket sales meaning the movie makes more money. The one that have reached the top level (of an incredibly tough industry to be successful) get pid big money because so many people are willing to pay money to see their movies and TV shows.

  • Acting Is Hard

    First, not all actors get paid loads. And also acting isn't easy, most of the time an actor doesn't get picked for a role, and even if they did, they might not get as much as their co-workers. For example: on HIMYM, Neil Patrick Harris got about twice as much as Josh Radnor, Cobie Smulders, Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan, despite them having the same, if not bigger, a role.

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