• Yes, If you see race you're living in an illusion.

    Race is a social construct that the government created in order to keep us from banding together, A tactic to stop civilization from banning together to stop the bullshit that goes on, Hidden from anyone who's not the top 1%

    If you see race, And think that it makes you any different than the person next to you, You're living in an illusion. The color of one's skin in all actuality is the least important thing that matters when it comes to an individual human. It's more about wealth, Economic status, And position in government that sets you apart from the next guy, Being "racist" is just about the blindest thing you can be in this day and age, There's much more going on behind our backs and i'll promise you - it has nothing to do with race.

  • Yes because if they do not then I see no reason for you.

    ALL people have rights and should not be treated like trash. Unless they are some genocidal war criminal then they can go disappear in some remote location.
    If you deny rights to the people then they will fight for the rights and you do want that. There are racists and insane people who do not value life or just white people. They are in the minority and they will never win. People sick in the head have always tried to kill and make others people lives miserable but they die and life goes on. So live out your sick fantasies but know that your dreams will never come true. And that rights cannot be taken without a fight.

  • Of course they do they're people!

    Look, Just because someone has more melanin in their genome doesn't mean that they should be denied basic and fundamental HUMAN rights. The only reason you believe that someone who looks different from you is inherently inferior is because you are so insecure with your own person that you feel the need to take ego in the amount of pigment in your skin because you have no actual good or admirable attributes

  • We are people too.

    If you are not a minority and you say no you're just butt hurt because you know that this country was built on the backs of black people. If you really want to talk about equality then black people should run this shit! We made it through forced, Manual labor. Now that's all aside from the fact that we are humans too. We can't control the color of our skin so why should we be treated differently or not given the same rights as non minorities. I'm black and I'm proud. I know that my ancestors built this damn country so yeah I claim it because it's rightfully mine!

  • Yes. This is a simple answer.

    Just because you came from Africa does not mean you don't deserve rights. We should be judging people by their actions, Not skin color. Yet some people believe they do not deserve rights. Black lives matter, Just like everyone else's lives. If you disagree with me you are a racist.

  • Skin Color shouldn't determine what rights you get

    I see no point in neglecting the rights of African Americans. They are humans and should be treated as equally as everyone else. Whether you are Asian, African, European, Etc. , I am sure you would like your own race thrive and live on, Would you not? That is my take on this.

  • Of course they do

    No human should be stripped of their rights. If anything, No one race deserves to be told that they do not deserve rights. An argument I've seen in the "no" section is about how a certain race needs to be the dominant one. No one race has biological supremacy over another, Regardless of the stereotypes that are put out there.

    A right is a human right, In which African Americans are humans.

    If we had gotten rid of racism entirely, The world would be a much better place, But I am unfortunately aware that this is impossible

  • Because why not?

    Yes they do, For the same reason why whites or all other races do.
    The very idea that one's rights should have anything to do with their skin color is retarded. No wonder the 3 arguments that we have in support of 'No' are either personal bias (that doesn't change sh*t) or religious bullsh*t.

  • Obviously, YES. Racism has no place in a civilized society.

    A person should be judged for their actions, Not by the color of skin or by their choice of sexuality. It is why, In any civilized society, Any reductions in the rights of a person (e. G. Incarceration) must come from something they do (e. G. A crime, Such as murder) rather than inherent traits such as one's skin color or gender.

  • We are all equal in rights regardless of our race/ nation.

    1) Someones actions, Beliefs or appearance should not be condemned unless it is that someones choice.
    2) Being an African American is not a choice.

    3) Being an African American should not be condemned.

    A common thought is imagining that you will enter the world as a random race in a random nation. Would you then want equal rights.

  • As an orthodox jew, No

    It is inconsistent with my Judaeo values. As is stated in the Talmud, The goyim need to serve their masters (aka gods chosen peoples). If blacks have rights, Then the talmud is not being followed and the Jewish peoples do not have control over the goyim. For this reason i vote no.

  • As a Jew I don't believe they do.

    Well the fact is I don't think any non-Jew deserves any rights because our nature as Jews is to control. It is in our blood. It is why we have a stake in nearly every government on Earth. It is why we have such an overwhelmingly disproportionate role in global media. Just look at CNN or FOX News they are filled to the brim of leading positions by one of us. Honestly we feel that we shouldn't give rights so sparingly. If everyone got rights they would be able to challenge our hegemonic rule over finances and demography. Demography determines the culture of the nation. Finances determine who lives or dies. We have decided to replace Whites or Europeans with African admixture. Why? Because Whites are a threat to our financial rule. It is also why we do not want Whites to have rights. We have been trying to turn America a nation of free whites into a nation of multicultural ethnic background in which people no longer recognize they are being ruled by one race but a diverse cast of people. Funny enough we bribe these diverse congressmen to always put Jews or Israel first instead of their own country. We do not only do this to America but also Europe as a whole. Anytime we say White supremacy is a problem the reality is we need to have absolute control. The more our media focuses on White supremacy the less people know is in charge. The less people are armed the better. As you can see many Jewish congressmen and justices are in favor of reducing gun rights in the pretext of mass shooting casualties. The average American will not even consider the fact that there are such things as staged or provoked gun violence. Even better is that the average American will not even be racially conscious to realize African Americans are overwhelmingly the cause of gun violence. As a Jew it is important that we focus on White supremacy risks over demographic ethnic conflict. Whites have been a threat to our rule for a very long time. White or black we do not think you should have rights. Or if anything else we believe Jews must be above the law.

  • My personal opinion

    Look, I'm not afraid to admit it, But I am a racist. The fact that people of a different skin colour have the same rights as me makes me want to vomit. I'm not gonna change my views for political correctness.

    I hope you all have a wonderful day :)

  • No they don't

    I'm black and i'm dumb as hell. It literally took me 16 hours to write a 300 word essay. Like clearly my brain isn't working. Also the race as a whole is just ugly. Like this isn't even a joke christ bro. Bruh they really just don't deserve them at all.

  • Their big peepee make me Jealuos

    Black poeple have bigger peepee than me. I sad and to compensate they don't need rights when they have bigger peepee. You see peepee is the essential core of live, When you big peepee you are be happier and more self-worth. That is so important that blacks should no have right, Because they are already too priveledged

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  • Top 10 reasons why negros don't deserve rights

    10. Theyre black
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    8. In todays socio economic society we are often told to perceive that all races are equal while in fact they are not black man can jump higher then their caucasian counterparts while we were not blessed with the same physical attributes we were given a more powerful mental capacity
    7. Theyre black
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    5. Theyre black
    4. Obama
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    1. God I f***ing hate nig

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