Do astrological signs really affect your personality?

Asked by: Johnnyboy2005
  • Yes. I do. But I think this depends only on certain individuals.

    Personally, I strongly believe and am fascinated in astrology, Horoscopes, Tarot and numerology readings. I am a Gemini by the way, And I can see very well that my personality, Attitudes, Behaviour and actions both reflect greatly from my star sign.

    For instance, I enjoy talking a lot and I share with people and the world of what I believe in (both on social media and in-person). I like to talk on the BIG ISSUES, And that's why I joined Debate. Org. And as others say, Gemini is not afraid to express their opinions to people.

    I think that when someone has a deep fascination with astrological signs or astrology in general, They tend to find more about them. They also wanted to BE like them. This is who they are. They are searching for their identities. And I think that's okay. I am one of them and it feels great.

  • A further investigation is needed

    If you look at life through the lens of astrological signs and other such lenses then you will see through that lens.

    So, If you really want to prove that your fate is in the stars, You need to have a formal investigation.

    To do this, The person being tested must not be aware of the test. You must find someone, Look at the horoscope, And at the end of the day ask the person for details about their day. Do this for about a week, And if the results match the horoscope every day, Then congratulations, You have proven that horoscopes are accurate.

    Until that happens, The default answer would be "no, They aren't accurate", Because if the default were yes, Then it would be impossible to disprove anything due to the burden of proof.

  • Astrological signs don't affect your personality

    There's a few reasons why I think astrological signs don't affect your personality (from my experience) As an Aquarius, I barely share any traits of an Aquarius. I'm not independent. In addition, I'm not into sci-fi. So, This is why I think your astrological sign doesn't really affect your personality.

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