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  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Homeless veterans definitely need out help. I believe the same for those who may be homeless and have a disability (physical disability autism, Intellectual disability, Developmental delay, Etc). I believe all of those who are homeless- especially our veterans should be taken care of, Fed, And given housing and support financially. Instead much of the supports are going to those that are coming in from Mexico or South America. I know from experience with where I'm from. Those from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Or South America were getting into private schools for free, Got a significant amount of government money, And none of these students were getting in trouble if they caused misbehavior in class (and almost all of those kids did know English).

    However when it came to those that were white, Or those that were white, Asian, Or African american with a disability, Or a white or African american student with a not so good home situation were not treated very well at any of the schools in my area that were mostly filled with all these people from Mexico, South America, Etc.

    I know that doesn't really talk about the topic of homelessness but when the support and money can be going towards our homeless veterans and others that are homeless- it isn't. It's going to those coming in from these other countries instead.

  • Homeless veterans deserve our help

    Have you ever seen a homeless man on the street and wondered how they got to the point where they have to beg for money? Why should we care about homeless veterans? Most homeless veterans fought for there country and aren't given the respect they deserve this is why society should care about homeless veterans. Thes veterans are getting homeless and are dying How can someone become homeless from serving in the war and not get paid? Homeless veterans should have a voice because they served in wars, And protected the country, But they don’t because they lack power and money.

  • Yes they do need our help.

    I strongly agree that homeless veterans deserve our respect but I think its not up to a regular person to help one person out. There should be a organization to help homeless veterans so its not just one person who gets treated nice. Once again I am not against the idea of helping homeless veterans and if you happen to see one homeless veteran offer to help them in anything.

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