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Do husband should help their wife to do household chores? What do you think about the British and Vietnamese men? Are they willing to do?

  • For me british men will do better than Vietnamese men.

    In Western culture, They believe that there is necessity to have an equal between men and women so they share everything. About Asia culture they intend to think that that all the household chores are their responsibilities, So they just help a little bit when they are asked to do, That 's so sad.

  • Actualy bot account

    Wow thanhtuyen you posted the same opinion with the same thumbnail THRICE. Don't you feel twinkly dinkly special now. Here are the possibilities for why this happened:
    1. This account is a bot. I don't know what they're being used for, But it's kinda sad.
    2. This is someone who is not from britain. I know that sounds ironic, But its very strange how broken the english is.

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