Do LGBTQ want to normalise/legalise Pedophilia, Bestiality, Incest & Necrophilia

  • The LGBTP does indeed have a long term goal of promoting sex with underage children

    There are many scientific papers stating how homosexuality is more likely to develop into pedophilia than androphilia(attraction to adults)

    https://www. Ncbi. Nlm. Nih. Gov/pubmed/1556756

    This is the gay plan, To slowly get normal people to accept, Small parts of this sinful movement little by little so people don't notice it. In the end they have all the intention to as the famous feminist and LGBTP activist Kate Millet puts it "sexually liberate children from the patriarchy"
    https://www. Ipce. Info/ipceweb/Library/interv_kate_m. Htm

    This is what you see in the schools in Birmingham, England, These LGBT are trying to brainwash our children and it's what they covertly support.

    This is a boy named Desmond Napoles who's parents own a gay bar and drug him and make him dance for perverted men. Here's a pic of him with a convicted murderer. Notice "Rohypnol" in the back, It's a date rape drug. I've sure you've all heard of him, He's the kid that was dancing at a gay strip club with homosexual men cheering him on and throwing him money

    https://www. Theamericanconservative. Com/dreher/desmond-is-amazing-bacha-brooklyn/

  • Stereotypes are never right

    Just like not all Muslims are terrorists, LGBTQ+ people are not inherently pedophiles. I know many people in the LGBTQ+ personally and none of them are pedophiles. To say that everyone in the LGBTQ+ community is a pedophile goes against all the decisions and actions are country has made to take down stereotypes.

  • Pedophiles can be straight too

    Pedophiles can be straight but people don't care. This is just another way for people to justify their homophobia. Nobody thinks all straight people should be denied basic human rights just because some of them are pedophiles. Don't get me wrong, Pedophilia is disgusting and is never justified, But you can't just say all LGBTQ people are pedophiles. You know, Lots of straight people are murderers but nobody tries to call all straight people murderers, Or that all straight people are trying to promote or normalize murder.

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