• Yes, people spend way too much on Halloween costumes.

    Halloween has become a "hallmark" holiday. Schools, church, workplaces and home life have all become infatuated with Halloween. Retailers that operate on supply and demand are able to raise their prices because most people believe they need costumes. They have to send their children to school, they participate in parties at work and they go trick or treating at home...they need costumes!

  • Yes, people spend too much money on Halloween costumes.

    I wonder whether general public excitement over Halloween isn't at a historical high in recent years, especially among adults. Perhaps it's just because now with the Internet, we're more aware of the outlandish and/or spectacular things that people are doing in places far from us, but it seems as though the effort and resources expended on producing a Halloween costume have never been higher, on average. I sometimes think it's all a bit much, especially given that we are supposed to still be recovering from a financial crisis.

  • Scared to Spend

    I think that people are spending less on Halloween costumes than before. More people are instead using items around the home or the dollar store and having fun while making their costumes for Halloween. The best costumes are usually the ones made in this way anyway. On top of that, you save money and do not have to wonder what to do with the bought costume after Halloween is over.

  • No, I dont think people spend too much money on Halloween costumes.

    No, I dont think that people spend too much money on halloween costumes because it is a holiday that only comes once a year and the kids really enjoy it so hey, let them have fun. It is not like a monthly reoccuring event that people are spending billions on,

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