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  • Is it the real question?

    As someone above said, It is the system's fault if it happens again-not the prisoners. This leads us to. . . . . . Is this the real question? What we should all be asking ourselves is, Is the whole prison situation actually working and if not, Then we need to work it out, I know that support can get you to a way better place than punishment!

  • Prison Reforms Prisoners

    The entire point of prison is for reform. Prisoners are meant to learn their mistakes and get out of prison. Then they can resume their life without committing crimes. If they are continuing to commit crimes after they get out of prison, Then it is not their fault, But the system's fault.

    Of course, I am generalizing, And some people are beyond saving, But most aren't. This is especially true for non-violent crimes like drug addiction. Many drug addicts need support to detox and then they become productive members of society again. Prison should give prisoners this support.

    Right now, Prisons are failing miserably at this, But hopefully they will get better with time.

  • Prisoners Are Human Too.

    Yes, Prisoners deserve second chances simply because we don't know why they committed certain crimes. There are prisoners who have been put in jail for stealing items such as food and self-defense even.

    This question is rather vague in its meaning to me. You got prisoners who would be regular citizens of society who took a wrong turn in life, Such as drug use, Or attempting to find food for themselves to survive on.

    And of course, You got your serial killers and drug dealers out there that have little care for society's functioning. So really, I have to mix my answer of a yes-no on this question, But I heavily turn towards yes this time.

    Not all prisoners are murderers, But all prisoners have a story onto why they are in there, And if they'd be willing to do it again.

  • In short yes

    Well first problem is fixing the society/court systems so they don’t demonize everyone for essentially getting caught, Since everyone breaks the law and acts like they don’t. Second problem is fixing prisons so they don’t turn normal people into monsters. Then we would be able to see people actually able to be reformed since society would accept them and they wouldn’t have to join a rape gang in prison.

  • If they did it once, Why won't they do it again

    If you guilty of doing something such as commiting crime or stealing whatever your offense is chances are that you probably have mental problem of some kind. Its dangerous and the prisoner migjt even try and get revenge or something, Its unsafe and it could change a person but im not really sure at this point

  • If they do it once what garuntees you that they wony do it again

    May be if they are realeased once and they want money they might steal again hence if we keep them in prison then they will learn that we should never steal again. Some people may be mentally retaired and it is safe to keep them in prison. If you support it please like it

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Leaning says2018-08-10T23:21:22.543
Eh, Probably.
asta says2018-08-11T05:55:33.460
It depends on the crime.

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