• Do the 2010s suck?

    I think the 2010s suck because people no longer know what empathy means, They are lonelier, More depressed, And more isoalted than ever before. Smartphones in my opinion along with extremist views, Late Stage Capitalism and individualism have taken away empathy and the ability to make new friends in most people nowadays which to me has resulted in a dramatic increase in mass shootings in the United States. Also, Climate change is running rampant and causing significant problems across the world like longer and more severe heatwaves, More extreme storms and hurricanes, As well as persistent weather patterns. I feel as though the 2010s decade is the worst of the modern era, With only the World War II years coming in a close second place. When there is a major increase in the amount of mass shootings in the United States signify to me our society is sick.

  • Yes people are colder now

    All people want is power and success and do not want to care for anything.
    They would rather destroy the amazon rain forest and kill marine animals. Funds for the poor are being cut and everything is is more privatized. Pretty soon it will be like feudal times with oligarchs and rich sectors.
    Isolation xenophobia and distrust and health quality lowering.

  • I think this question was asked by someone with a closed mind, Possibly an older person with disdain for younger people.

    Maybe out of jealousy for these people's youth and health, Or out of nostalgia for their own. Saying an ENTIRE generation of people collectively suck is so absolutist, I don't even know where to start with defending myself. I'm not even going to try to defend myself, Because they people I would be trying to convince to change their minds are the types of people who are so resilient to changing their opinions, It's best to just avoid the subject altogether, As it's a waste of time. Have fun getting angry over my comment, Boomers!

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