• This Question is Dumb

    What do you mean by "good body"? I think this reinforces the sexual objectification of women in mainstream culture. And although I know little, I know that Ariana Grande is a musician. Hence, You could at least talk about her music if you want to concern yourself with the lives of celebrities and not real world issues.

  • Dan Schneider Was There.

    Beauty on the outside don't mean shit about beauty on the inside. When your parents sell you to trillion-dollar corporate Satan-worshipping and child molesting (NXIVM, Jeff Epstein) Hollywood Hell, OBVIOUSLY there are a few problems that pop up.

    Ariana Grande had no empathy for the people that were shot up at her English concert because of all the shit she went through - these people broke her. Ariana Grande doesn't need to have ANY empathy now, Because she is an idol; a golem, Worshiped by horny teens, Young adults, All the way up to old men who will never get to pound what Dan Schneider did.

    Break yourself of these habits, Or you will be trapped wanting someone tainted and never meant for your grasp - but to lure you into a pit of self-loathing and despair.

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