• Mars, We need to get there!

    A colony is like creating a living place, Our earth supplies are running low, If you read "The city of Ember" you'll know what it's like, We need to move and abandon earth, This is going to happen eventually, And we need to be prepared, Mars is our next destination!

  • Yes, We need to live on mars

    Well. . . . . . . . . . . . Mars is a planet, Like ours, So. . . . . . . . . . We can live there because it will be warmer, And you know, WARM WETHER =! And i love my warm wether, So, I mean, If you don't want to live there, Stay here, But if you love warm wether, Go to MARS!

  • Mars is a global dream

    Mars. Water + resources. Here on Earth, There is inequality. Our resources are running low and global warming or climate change is changing the way we view our planet. Deforestation is destroying habitats and species such as orang utan must find a home. Let's bring species to space and build colonies to save these endangered species and our species as well!

  • It ain't right.

    Say everything on earth was gone. That would be a longshot. First, Lets talk about trees. Running out of trees would infer that there was no sapling left in the world. But how would we know that? There could be a seed in the ground and we probably wouldn't see it.

    Now energy. Sure, We might run out of fossil fuels, But we can make wind turbines to make fuel and your nuclear fuels instead.

  • You just can't.

    The most you could do is stay till your supplies ran out.
    Unlike Earth, Mars does not have a geomagnetic field. This means Mars can not hold an atmosphere and has no shielding from solar radiation. This means you can't go outside without a space suit. Mars does not have air or liquid water. Fact is, You would have a much easier time living on the south pole because it at least has some resources to sustain life.

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