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Do we shop for luxury or needs these days?

Asked by: Shreek
  • Shop For Luxury

    This opinion is because these days people are really shopping for luxury. They takes some things what they don’t need. This means people are shopping for luxury. Don’t you do? You have a lot of belongings, And they are not necessary. For example, You get a bottle of water, And you get another one. But this is necessary.

  • Yeah we do

    We do because people like to show the others they are good. And they can express themselves with their belongings. No doubt, Everyone has at least 2-3 jackets. But we don't need that much, So we always shop for luxury. That's the truth guys, Don't try to make it a lie.

  • Not everyone does

    People who do are dicks so you need not to say anything like that. People who shop for luxury need to get a check. There are some people who don't have a jacket. Expressing yourself is not by what you wear it is how you act and what you say to others

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