Do you believe that labour unions hurt the economy?

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  • They've lived long enough to see themselves become the villain

    Unions used to be a good thing when corporations were running wild and had no standards. However in today's age we have more opportunities to have a better life, Everyone does. With the constant demands of unions, They've all moved their production to places like china because the U. S. Unions have too unrealistic objectives and demands. Finally, They have gone from an innocent way to improve the situations of workers to becoming an entire industry in themselves, Sometimes forcing people with no choice but to pay into the system to keep their job. They're just as bad as corporations at this point, Hell they're almost as bad as insurance companies!

  • Yes, Unions hurt the economy

    There is a certain labor supply labor demand equilibrium in the labor market. This equilibrium is caused when the labor demand curves and the labor supply curves intersect and both the employee and the employers are satisfied with the amount they are paying/working/getting. The problem with Unions is that they forcefully raise the prices of labor, Which in turn leads to fewer employees willing to hire at that certain price. This throws off the equilibrium and creates higher unemployment, The workers that still have jobs are fortunate and lucky and get more money, But many are kicked out. As a result, Businesses have a smaller capability to expand (some may go bankrupt) which in turn hurts the economy.

  • Both yes and no

    This is a complicated question. They do help the workers and the people, But they also do try to give the people in the unions too much money or will strike, Which does, In fact, Hurt the economy. The people in charge of these labour unions though can make these wages and other things. Those things will and do affect the economy, And not positively

  • Not good for economy but good for people

    The entire point of labour unions is to give the workers a sense of safety that they would otherwise not have. By protecting their salaries and benefits from extreme cuts they are costing companies more, But without them the workers would be treated very poorly. Overall, Needed but hurts companies.

  • Yes i do

    The reason is because labour unions hurt the economy because they raiser the wages of the union members and that forces consumers to pay more for what they buy. They have the same harmful affect on the economy as other cartels despite benefiting some workers instead of stock owners. Hope this helped.

  • Unions help employees

    Somewhat but hurt consumers in the long run Higher wages drive costs up and are passed onto consumers who have to pay more. If higher costs cannot be absorbed by the company and allow it to stay competitive, Then the company may go out of business, Meaning higher social assistance/ unemployment costs, Putting a strain on the economy. Unions tend to slow economic growth and may slow economic recovery following a recession.

  • Yes, They hurt the economy:

    It is good for workers to have a group that advocates for their rights but there is simply a time when too many demands are being made and many of them can be unreasonable. There are many times that the government cannot afford or be open to what the Union needs. The Union only represents a certain group of workers, Not all workers. It can be unrealistic for those who are covered under the union because there are also other workers that are not covered and simply continue on without complaining every 2-3 years. The Union has set some very good structures for the working community but there doesn't always need to be an issue. Many times the provinces will raise things, Such as wages and other forms of payment when it is convenient to the entire community, Not just one section of the community. If Union workers continue to strike and not do the things that they need to do within society than this leads to people walking out of jobs, Work not being done and possible economy crash.

  • Yes they do

    Yes they do:  Yes they do because they insert themselves between labour and business or government to take a cut of workers wages for themselves. Unions are big businesses and act as a tax or drag on companies. They have created these unrealistic wage and benefits and pension demands that are unsustainable. We should Let the market forces of supply and demand take care of wages etc. Unions have now become political activists funding political parties to help them get elected for future favourable union legislation.

  • They just want more money

    You can argue that unions are created to protect themselves from certain rights, But at the end of the day unions just strike because they’re money hungry and want more things that they deserve. Not all unions are bad, But overall they hurt the economy because when they strike it can leave business, Schools, Etc. Out of business for a long time.

  • No: They don't

    I honestly believe that labor unions benefit the economy because it helps promote higher wages. It also helps with providing the best benefits possible for their workers and their worker's families. Also, Union workers are provided with a better-funded retirement. Lastly, Unions provide good workers protection for their employees and treat them well.

  • No they do not

    So tbh idrk what this is about so i’m just gonna try to help you out but all i know is they reduce the amount of job opportunities and that’s all i can tell you but i have 12 words left till i can submit so ya have a good day hope i helped!
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  • No its the ceo and board members:

    How hard is it meet and do a 10 year contract. I will meet half of your demands but you must promise not to strike and to keep up with quota for 10 years or your fired. We can renegotiate when the contract is over.

    The only reason why they strike is because the boss is too stingy to pay a few 100. 000 and place it in a bank.
    We bailed out the banks and car companies because they were to incompetent.
    If you think you are unemployed because of the union that is because the company does not want you. They could fire a worker and they would still not hire you.

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