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  • Presentation is important

    I like to look good because it's the first thing people see about you if you look good, people will respect you but if you look bad people will swarm away from you. While we would like to live in a world where you can't be judged based on appearance but that's not possible so we should always look out very best because you never know who you will meet in our day you could meet the person you will marry or your future boss so always dress to impress.

  • Can you imagine a world where nobody cared about how they looked?

    People should take pride in their appearance. Maybe there's a healthy amount of superficiality, but after a certain point, it becomes unhealthy. I care about my body shape and the skin and the way I'm dressed. I feel better about myself, more confident, when I look presentable. It seems like way too many people have no self respect, wearing dirty clothes out in public, becoming morbidly obese, not bothering to take a shower. I never take public transportation anymore, ever, just to avoid having to get up close and personal to these depressing beings.

  • Yes, I mostly do.

    There are two main aspects to physical appearance: bodily health (which includes skin quality, body fat, hair, etc.) and clothing. An argument could be made that "hair" belongs to clothing, but we'll set that aside.

    I personnaly believe that taking good care of your body is VERY important; not only do you LOOK better, but you also FEEL better, both physically and mentally. I honestly have some problems with people who say "proud to be the way I am" when refering to their obesity. There is nothing to be proud of; it is not the result of any effort and leads to no benefit. I don't mind them being fat, but please do NOT act as if it is a good thing, because it's not.

    As for clothing, I am far less concerned about that. As long as what you are wearing is not overly offensive (racist t-shirts for example), then I don't care. I have a preference for certain types of clothing, but I do not mind if someone tells me that their style is the best style. The difference between clothing and body is that clothing has almost NO impact on your health.

  • Yes very much so

    Because it makes me feel 100 % best when I take care of my appearance. Also I don't want to be viewed as lazy and unkept. Also to make a good first impression say if I looking for a job I need to look presentable and slot of people are judgemental

  • Yes, but I still love and value myself.

    I like having a nice trendy outfits, but I don't wear makeup, perfume, and high heels because I believe I'm perfect the way I am. I think it is important for young people to accept and appreciate themselves, but still dress appropriately for important occasions, such as job interviews, internships.

  • Yeah i do

    I must have my hair straightened, my hair must be a dark colour, I hate wearing short sleeves and tend to always wear a hooded jumper/jacket, i must wear black/dark grey jeans, i like socks with weird pictures on them, my shoes must be black, i care a lot about the way, i'm simply Emo... But i'm am quite hideous :(

  • I try to.

    I do not make a effort all the time and I don't feel any different when I don't. Most days I try and make a effort. I like it when people take notice of how I look and compliment me. Also, I enjoy dressing smart because people say I look good in a suit. Lol

  • Yes, I do.

    If a complete stranger steps in to the room, the first thing I notice is their appearance because I know nothing else about them. How you look is an impression on you because their could be a really nice person, but they don't dress appropriately so they don't have many friends. But lets say that really nice person puts on a nice pair of jeans, a cute shirt, scarf, and deodorant. They would probably get a lot more attention that was positive.

  • It shouldn't matter. Don't judge people for it.

    We live in a depressing time. Why does physical appearance matter to people? I'll tell you why. They've been convinced it is important. Music, television, and the internet have convinced people that you need to look "hot" and "sexy." I don't see what they see. Society as a whole has become this vile and putrid thing, thinking this way. We don't have to constantly be trying to impress people. You have one life. Live it for you, not someone else. Be whoever you want to be. I agree that being happy with your appearance raises your confidence, but if you're showering yourself with make-up, what does that really say about you? It screams that you're a scared little girl, afraid of what the world will say. The confidence you gain from that is an illusion. It's just a lie. You're really not happy with yourself and that's why you shove make-up on. If you be who you want, you'll find people that accept you for who you are. Those are your real friends. People that are around you because you have a pretty face and a curvy body aren't your friends. They are after one thing and that's it. The world judges too much. Being fat isn't a bad thing and some people can't help it. They have a disorder. Are those people disgusting? No! Can't anyone see that judging someone for that reason is a problem? Once you start living life for you and not someone else, you'll have a better life.

  • I Care A Little But I'm Not A Hair Diva

    My Friends Would Tell Me I Care Way Too Much about The Way I Look. There Are Times Where I Would Drag Myself To A Mirror But Then Most The Time I Don't Care And Brush My Hair With My Hands And Walk around In My Pj's.
    As Long As My Friends Like Me For What I Am, I Don't Really Mind!

  • I don’t care about the way people see me

    My grandma always tries to make me look good and match but I tell her that I want to wear what makes me comfortable and I don’t care how people see me or their opinions, I feel I shouldn’t have to make myself look good for other people, I just need to like myself and be myself.

  • People should focus more on there health and education then there looks why. .

    If you focus on your health more you will be happier and better. If you focus on your look and your appearance all the time you won’t feel happy you’ll just be stressed all the time. If you focus on your education you’ll have a better career and you have a happier and better life and plus we go to school to learn and better our selfs not to walk and model for other people because I doubt that they care about what your wearing. That’s the reason why we shouldn’t care about our looks because we shouldn’t waste our time caring about something that is so useless and a waste of time and space

  • Not in the traditional sense

    The opinion of strangers and people I literally don't even speak to are useless to me. I dress for myself and not for others. If I look "bad" one day then it's because I think I look fine, And if I look "good" another day, Then it's because I think I look fine. If I think I look fine, Then that's good enough for me. I don't need anyone else's useless opinions.

  • It depends on you if you have a good or bad heart

    You must know the real you you don't have to but beauty comes from being yourself and knowing who you really are its not about the makeup and clothing it's just about you your heart and personality
    It just like don't judge a book by its cover so people don't judge you and how you look.

  • As long as we have clothes why should we care about how we dress.

    You shouldn't have to worry about the way you look as long as you have clothes on your back and shoes on your feet. You shouldn't have to buy exensive name brand clothes and shoes like Jordan's , personally I never had a pair of Jordan's in my entire life .

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