• Trump is hot as fuck

    Have you seen dat ass Trump is the sexiest prez da U.S.A got yet, screw dem Arabs and Muslims Mia Kihilfa an't got shit on trump. I got my tiny ass hands on his nudes and damn dat hair cut is better when he is naked Like I hate gays but Trump, Trump is different.

  • Trump is Republican

    Hillary is a butt and diesnt do her job trump is a change to us and is republican, trump trump trump trump !!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! Trump is better than her ! ! 1 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Trump is the best ! ! !

  • Trump scams you

    Trump is bad and evil and rich and scams poor people by saying he will
    pay them if they vote for him then does not pay them so he should
    stop being evil and help the people,animals and the environment
    by using his money and power to stop things like pollution and child abuse

  • Both suck and trump is worse than crooked Hillary.

    Crooked Hillary bought the DNC org and made sure Bernie would lose even before the first vote was cast. She sold herself to the big banks in a recorded conversation. As a non white person I knew she was trouble and would just sell us.
    Then there is the person worse than her
    Trump is the son of a racist and Don the Con is such a con that even carnival workers knew he was a huge conman. He ripped off the government and the tax payers for money before and now. He knows that good old racism and telling them that only brown people will suffer made him get elected.
    The nation is a dumpster fire. Half of the people have gone mad and the other half were already mad.
    I hated that I got cheated in the elections and that I was forced to choose 2 losers that could be sister and brother. I want a refund but I am now forced to see this to the end

  • Hillarys the boom

    Q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q qq q q q q q q q q q q qq q q q q q q q q q q q qq q q q q q q q q q q q q

  • President Trump is a good businessman but not a good leader

    Donald Trump has been bank robber at least 7 times. Although now he is one of the richest men in the United States of America. He is good at making deals and bargaining. Although he is not a good leader. He chooses to let his own opinions and beliefs take control of some situations. He does not have the people´s best interest at heart. For example he believes that all immigrants bring drugs, and crime. NYTimes says and I quote ¨Theyŕe bringing drugs, theyŕe bringing crime,their rapist,and some I assume are good people.¨ So president Trump you accuse these people of bringing drugs, and crime to our country and only assume some of them are good people? For this reason I do not like Trump

  • He will start world war 3

    Trump will start world war 3. Basically, He will start world war 3 and thats not fine because then kim jong un will use his nuclear bombs on America. In conclusion, you americans voted for him, so whatever he does you are just as responsible for it as he is.

  • Ur mum gay

    Ur mum is very gay and an avid homosexual. Basically, your mum is gay and gays are okay, but not when its ur mum cuz shes gay, like you cuz u are gay. In conclusion, ur mum is definitley a gay without a doubt but shes gay you little boy

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