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  • He was right but for the wrong reasons.

    While tony was wrong for the right reasons. Captain america wanted it for independence, While as superheroes they sometimes have it difficult to control themselves. While tony wanted the accord for human safety, As he knew about the difficulty to control themselves. But with the accords they would be under control of the bad guys who are inside the government, But they didn't know about that, So when you look at it that way, Tony was right.

  • Captain America focus on others

    Steve Rodgers was a young boy, Who wanted to help protect the people of his country. But was denied, So when given the offer to be a test subject he volunteered. He was solely made to help America, He is a man who lives to protect. While Tony Stark lives in his-Billion dollar Sky-scrapper. While he often helps the Avengers, But other than that he doesn't seem to really focus on others. Only him, His suits, And the money he makes.

  • I'll make this side Captain America.

    I am totally on Cap's side. He's all about saving others without government interference and I think his theory is very logical. Government can sometimes be very corrupt and abuse their authority by taking advantage of the citizens for their own benefit. Cap just wants to avoid all this and just save people when they need saving. He's the best!!!

  • He is stronger

    He beat Captain America in civil war. Also if Captain America did not have the he would be dead hijacking you but a very small amount of a good deal more complex than a simple and efficient manner possible manner complex complex with you are using to get you a glass of the window and saw the light window and window and glass to to you

  • This side will be Iron Man

    Tony Stark knows that you simply cannot have a desperado, wild group of uncontrolled superhumans that can cause more damage than an atomic bomb. There simply needs to be accountability.
    At any rate, the Sekovia Accords were pretty much PR for the shame-faced politicians because the Avengers are more powerful than the government and could take them anytime. Yet by not signing, Cap made the world government his enemy, which simply makes things harder, especially when he didn't have half of the Avengers on his side. Stark was right. There needs to be accountability for this dangerous group of superhumans.

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