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  • And not just target....Macy's seems to think 4 year olds should be the size of a 2 year old

    I'm honestly getting so tired of getting adorable clothes for my daughter (who is small for her age and VERY skinny), only to find it being so tiny I have to return it. My daughter just turned 3, and she is tiny....In the 20th percentile for weight according to her pediatrician. I buy her a size 4t from Macy's, and she cannot wear it. It's pathetic. I have bought her 5 and had to return. She's small. Much smaller than her 5 year old brother who wears size 5t and it fits him perfectly. Other than careers and Gymboree, where even a 2t still fits her, every other store seems to have lost their mind when it comes to sizing for little girls.

  • Some clothing is too short for Taller children.

    I know this for myself, i'm a pretty tall girl and the shirts are too short and so are the pants. The pants look like high waters and the shorts look like crop tops on some tall children. I do agree, and i do disagree. This proves to show that.

  • Quite the opposite.

    I am a petite woman but most store's smallest sizes will fit me. At Target, however, I may put on their smallest sized jeans only to find that I can put both my legs in one side, and then some. The label sizes are certainly marked down to seem smaller than they really are. Everything seems to be baggy on me, something that says "extra small" really shouldn't be just average, but extra small. Then again, I don't know what average is anymore.

  • Is sizing and issue?

    Some say the popular clothing retail store, Target, is sizing and cutting girls' clothing too small. Is a size Large, now fitting more like a size Medium? As diet and eating disorders make way in America, what are retail stores doing to combat this, or are they hurting the issue?

  • Target cuts clothes correctly, children are just getting bigger

    Target is cutting girls' clothes correctly to the correct sizes however today girls are getting bigger all round. They are both taller and wider. Not to mention many girls are now overweight so what should be their correct size does not fit. Perhaps clothing sizes need to be changed to move with the times.

  • No, Target girl's clothing is cut just right.

    No, Target girl's clothing is not cut too small. Target uses regular, appropriate sizing for its girl's clothing. The bottoms, tops and dresses are all cut proportionally and in regular measurements, and fit girls of all ages and all sizes. Target girl's clothing is neither too small nor too large.

  • No, Target's girl sizes are not too small

    Target's girl sizes are not too small. If anything, the waist size is too large, even when the length is right. It's a shame because it really disappoints kids to find something they like, but can't fit because they have to choose between too small in one place, and too big in another.

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