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Do you think the Big Three U.S. auto companies make better (yes) or worse (no) products than import car makers?

  • They are easier to maintain

    I think that the Big Three United States auto companies make better products than import car makers. I say this for one obvious reason, it is easier to maintain a automobile if the parts are readily available. Foreign automobile have to be serviced by specialized shops and can become very expensive when time for maintenance.

  • Yes, US auto makers produce vehicles that are equal in quality to imports.

    The three largest US auto manufacturers generally produce vehicles that are similar in quality to each other. Their vehicles are also generally similar in quality to most imports. There are of course some imports that are higher in quality (you cannot compare a mass produced Ford Fusion to a hand crafted Aston Martin). There are also imports that are worse in quality (the German designed Smart cars have had serious problems, not to mention the issues Toyota has had in the past decade).

  • Not even a competition

    I have a '98 Subaru Impreza outback sport. It has 215,000 miles on it. It has no problems, not even the check engine light is on. Everything is in perfect working order. I still get about 27 MPG, I can go anywhere in it. It was in a rollover accident before I got it, and that was 100,000 miles ago. I have only spent about $1000 total in 90,000 miles in upkeep/repairs (not including oil changes). I use to drive a handful of different Fords, I hated them. And the transmissions were always messing up. I'm an import guy from now on, Japan in particular.

  • I don't think domestic auto manufacturing is on par with overseas manufacturing

    America is the global leader in so many different areas that it really surprises me that our automobile industry doesn't produce cars that are on par with the cars of japan or germany and other countries. The automobile industry was pioneered by America. I can see no good reason why we wouldn't perform better in this regard. There is hope though. The Tesla models are of American manufacture and they are highly rated. We can get it right if we try.

  • Foreign is better

    I believe that the best all around cars come from over seas. Theses cars are not only normally better for the environment but also get better gas mileage. I do believe that American auto companies do make a better car when it comes to the power of the car but that is less important then it was 20 years ago. Now it is about something affordable and reliable.

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