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  • The Superhuman Strength Suit Could Be A Boon To The Elderly

    While the obvious benefit to the superhuman strength suit is in the areas of freight management and construction. We must not overlook the potential for the suit to offer improved mobility, and therefore independence, to members of the elderly population who, as the result of either injury or illness, now face limited mobility, leading to a impaired quality of life. The superhuman strength suit could, with slight modification, be tailored for use as a mobility enhancement device. Thus returning quality of life and dignity to the elderly with limited mobility.

  • Yes, the superhuman strength suit.

    Over the last decade or so, developments in robotics and other advanced technologies have begun to confirm what dystopian futurist authors and thinkers have warned of for over a century: that technology will ultimately supplant human labor, thus deploying millions of gainful employment. While this may still be true, the superhuman strength suit shifts that trend in a different direction: employing technology to increase human strength and thereby decrease the wear and tear of laborous tasks on human workers. This is undoubtedly a good thing.

  • Real Life Superpowers Are Always Awesome

    There can't be anything more exciting than the actual real world application of a fictional super power. A superhuman strength suit is awesome. The power of invisibility, the ability to heal quickly, a flying man or woman, any of the above! All of these things, if shown to be true in real life, are hard to describe as anything other than awesome!

  • I don't find the superhuman suit awesome!

    Lockheed Martin certainly has one upped everyone with this suit. To call it awesome, well I don't think that applies. The concept is great, however the fact you have to literally attach it to your appendages, not so much. If it were a latex type " superman " style suit, then yes perhaps awesome would apply.

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