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Do you think women should be stoned to death for adultery?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Yes 100 % they should

    While i have heard from some people keep saying that adultery is a victimless act which harm no one therefore it should not be criminalized. They also argue that criminalizing adultery violate the right to privacy because its a consensual sex between adultsBut that is certainly false.

    Adultery is little to no difference than rape and murder. While per se its not a violent crime like rape and murder, But its an immoral act that trauma to children
    Studies has shown that children who are being affected by adultery are more likely to suffer from severe emotional trauma because an act of adultery incite parents to become abusive toward their child.
    It also disrupt family relationship, Increase divorce rate and cause financial hardship.

    Me personally i grew up in a family of divorce and i suffer severe trauma from being affected by adultery. My dad just abandon me and don't finance and support me since i was 5 years old.

    Therefore this is the reason i advocate for stoning women to death for adultery. They really deserve it

    Guys, Anyone who see this, Please Vote yes. I seriously expect more than. Half to vote Yes
    It would be very helpful for me if people support my proposal. Thank you.

  • To keep people from doing it

    Adultery to me is personally worst than murder and I believe should always carry the death penalty if proven guilty and for that very reason i would love to see the death penalty reinstated for it in my lifetime. And it should happen to both genders and not just women I hate that double standard.

  • The act of hurting feelings should not be criminalized. There is a difference between something socially wrong and criminally wrong.

    Adultery is an act that betrays the love and trust one invests in marriage. And although it causes (sometime life-altering or painful) emotional trauma and distress for many involved, The act of hurting feelings should not be criminalized, Especially not to the point where the punishment for it is to be stoned to death.

    It is analogous to criminalizing free speech that simply offends people, Or criminalizing text-message break-ups that really hurt. It might be a source of emotional pain, But this minor type of pain is simply a part of life. It is what builds resilience and strength in dealing with the messy interactions of people. NOT to be confused with the pain of abuse of neglect.

    In stephannoi's case, I think you're confusing adultery with child neglect. Adults can betray each other, But that doesn't take away their responsibility to take care of their young. Adultery might make such neglect more likely, But it's still possible for it to occur without child neglect. So by itself, Adultery shouldn't be penalized, But as for child abuse and neglect specifically, That should. But definitely not by capital punishment, Because forgiveness remains necessary in life.

  • No. Capital punishment should not be given for adultery. I DO NOT RESPECT YOUR OPINION, But I do hope your trauma gets better.

    A life should only be taken if they have taken a life, And even those waters are murky. I cannot respect any opinion that advocates death to those who have acted in immoral manners because no one is perfect.

    Also why just women and not men? I mean this entire thing is absolutely crazy and it wouldn't be better for you to add men to this, But it does show your bias; you believe men who adultery aren't as bad.

    Also, Your dad is just as bad as your mom. For abandoning you, A person who have had no direct role in this.

    This opinion is truly disgusting and I wouldn't expect anyone to agree to this, But I think people are more than a sole opinion and that no one is disgusting for giving WITHOUT ACTING ON an opinion similar to the nature of this.

    I believe that this topic is reflective of your own issues that you need to solve, But advocating for the death of someone who has made a moral mistake or many moral mistakes is wrong.

    Posted by: iDay
  • Adultery is definitely wrong and a sin but it’s not my place to take a life because of it. I respect your opinion. .

    I totally understand and agree in regards to it being wrong and also a sin. I also went through somewhat similar things not only as a child but when I joined the military my ex wife cheated on me while I was gone. It’s truly a pain that can’t be explained or at least hate to talk about. I saw friends take their own lives because of it. Again it’s definitely wrong and in the Bible a sin. But like so many I to fall short of the Glory of God and except Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I am not trying to preach to you only what I do. I have since been remarried along with having more children. I thank God everyday for all my blessings that he has given to me and ask to be a better man than what I was the day before. I make sure my children know how much I love them and never disrespect the mother of the one I have with the one that did what she did. Even with everything said I still feel strongly about that it’s not my right to cast judgement nor stone someone for their wrong doings. Thanks for your time and take care

  • As a Muslim this disgusts me

    Under NO circumstance should anyone interfere with someone else's sexual life unless its family, A woman who cheats should be divorced or broken up with, And the same for the man. However calling for stoning in the case of sexual relations. The fact is that the statement itself implies religious extremism which should be a capital offense. But what happens between two consenting adults should be none of the states business. And the state is the only body allowed to punish crimes.

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