Do you think, (yes) bullying is the cause of most school shootings or is it because of guns (no)?

Asked by: Noyou1234
  • A minor factor.

    Personally I have to laugh at how they gave two reasons when it is likely a combination of many. Tho bullying may make someone more prone to it, It is not the cause as millions of kids all over the country and world get bullied daily yet very few actually commit such a crime.
    I think the biggest cause is the media attention it promises. These kids are just losers who want to be known but lack any actual way to do it. Then they see some other slime-ball being known around the country (fame) and believe that this is their best way for others to actually notice them for their actions. Unfortunately, The media jumps at the chance to give them fame by not just putting their face and names in every headline and soundbite but tell you their life story to somewhat justify their actions. Seeing that they tend to be run by liberals, They shift the blame from the looser to guns like the scumbag was in innocent victim. What they fail to realize is that they (the media) are more to blame for it than guns.
    My solution is simple. Stop rewarding these nobodies with fame. Think about it, Does knowing what they look like or knowing their name make your or anyone else's life any better? No. Instead of giving these losers fame, We should make them less worthy of public interest by referring them as things less than what they were. Instead of giving them the recognition they want and expect, Give them nameless degradation. This would not only reduce but possibly end all future copycat actions because it replaces and incentive with a deterrent. Because we can't trust the media to do it voluntarily, We must do it by other means such as refusing to release the perpetrators name. You may think this would be against the first amendment but it's not without legal precedent. In cases of incest, The perpetrators name is withheld from the press to protect the lives of innocent children. If this would prevent future school shootings, Then it would obviously do the same thing.

  • More Guns = More Gun Problems.

    (I believe in error) that a "Well-regulated" militia meant much risk to the "right" to bear arms. " That seems absurd to me in any state that has a national guard unit. We have a right to vote, But we must register. We have a right to own a car but we must be registered or hold title. We may own property but must have a deed, And may well be heavily TAXED! Guns, And particularly concealed weapons, Need to be taxed and regulated. We have a right to say that guns CANNOT be brought into OUR homes, Schools, Churches, Hospitals, Etc.

  • Bullying creates intent

    I believe guns make the act easier, But the intent is usually created by bullying. There may be other reasons too and some shootings are erroneously attributed to bullying. This can lead to a cult following such as in the case of Columbine so each case needs to be considered separately.

  • Would students be able to shoot up a school without a gun?

    Students w o u l d. N o t. Be able to attack a school with a gun if they had n o gun. Simple as that. Think of Parkland, The Valentines day shooting. There was a kid who shot up a school because the girl he liked didn't like him back. No bullying, Yes gun. No gun = no school shootings

  • Guns. Why? Well. . .

    A new government that is replacing our Republic demands that the citizens need to be disarmed to be controlled. Guns are an obstacle to the few financial elite. They have the wherewithal to influence intelligence agencies and orchestrate psyops to reshape our perceptions of personal defense. Agents have been known to allow gun shootings to take place and casualties to happen. The next step would be to offer a patsy to the media possibly collaborating with the events to spin a narrative that White supremacy is resurfacing its ugly head. While the patsy is drugged off his mind the agents can fire off some rounds if not kill a few licensed gun owners in sight and pray no witnesses talk about more than one shooter. The patsy is then detained arrested and brought to custody in which he is interrogated and coached to say he was going crazy with a gun he cannot remember possessing. Of course the agents are meticulous with the operation so they find someone closely tied with FBI/CIA/NSA relationships such as a father for an agent as well as an affinity for gun collection and mental disability and tah-dah.

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