• Let's get our tenses right

    Not 'anyone'. 'Everyone'. All of humanity, Individually and collectively. Every man, Woman, Child, Infant and senior citizen. Everyone on this Earth, Deserves to die. Savagely. Horribly. Screaming for mercy. In total fear. Without hope or the dispensation to buy one. . . . And I can guarantee that one and get it notarized for ya on my dime, But never mind that. 'Point is, Everyone deserves it. Human is "vermin" with quirky misspellings. Human is its own nightmare, And it deserves to die like a multi-billion-legged war criminal. YOU ARE BAD. And, You know it (although, I'm willing to believe a fair percentage are only morons).

  • It depends on the circumstances

    All humans are destined to die one way or another. Moving a murderer to prison doesn't solve the problem it only delays it. By removing the problem permanently it prevents another problem popping up later on. Other countries still do the death penalty and as a result, Have installed discipline amongst its people

  • Yes gay people

    All gay people should die. Because they are sick into the head and evil. Animals shall die to serve us food. Perverted gay people and pedophiles shall die because they rape children and are mentally ill and we cannot cure it, Best thing to do is just kill them. Much easier, And we defend our kids.

  • Nobody deserves to die.

    This question has been wondered a various amount of times in today's community. So in my opinion, Nobody deserves to die because you never know that person's past decisions or experiences. For instance, A serial killer. You most likely don't know anything about that person. They might have a family back home. You can't really judge people from their past because mistakes don't define you. Like if somebody had a bad past while growing up, That shows the person what they don't want to be like in their adult years.

  • No id say not in some circumstances

    Yeah noone really deserves to die for what they do in a world filled with death that controls who people are and who they become. Without death people would be free to do whatever they want without the consequence of death. And also there would be no reason for pain if nothing could kill them because pain is only there to keep them alive so they don't accidentally kill themself. Then a comfortable care free life existence with no death and pain.

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