• Hell yeah it exists

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  • Coming Soon: Green Silence

    Read the words of pundit Liz Mair, No friend of the Left. It's not only real, But it's been too late for a very, Very long time. As I hate Mankind with such passion I can taste blood at the back of my throat, It's a warm, Fuzzy, Snuggly comfort to know that, Soon enough, Perhaps within AOC's "ten years", We'll all be at peace, At last. Happy, And Dead.

  • Of course climate change is real!

    S earch up this exact question (Does climate change actually exist? ), There will be a gazillion links that all have expert quotes. Unless YOU are an expert in this field, Do you really have anything to say to this? Do it, I dare you to!

  • It should be taken seriously

    Here's an analogy. Humans need a core temperature very close to 98 degrees Fahrenheit (or 37 degrees Celsius). If the room they are in reaches above 131 degrees Fahrenheit (55 degrees Celsius) then it is not possible for the body to stay cool enough on its own and inevitably overheat. (see https://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/Thermoregulation). There is a critical threshold which determines whether a human could survive naturally.

    We should be concerned about similar implications for our planet. Data shows that the planet is not capable of dissipating heat as fast as it's being produced. While the change may not be directly noticeable to humans, Certain ecosystems are already experiencing critical changes. A few degrees is enough to push an ecosystem from "below freezing" to above it, Resulting in an enormous glacier melting.

    A pressing concern is that there is a point-of-no-return, A threshold past which the planet will continue heating up without the help of humans, And beyond which it cannot recover. This could be the result of higher temperatures causing more wildfires, Which in turn contribute to even higher temperatures. (see https://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/Global_warming#Climate_change_feedback)

  • Yes I believe it is happening

    My parents who lived in the same place for decades see how the weather unpredictable and how it just changes to hot or cold or too dry or too wet. Yes there was a mini ice age and the earth was a lot colder in the 1700s and the weather does fluctuate but this is abnormal.

    Most climate deniers are funded billionaires. Go and look at every professional climate denier and you will find that they are tied with oil and are in bed with fossil companies.
    They claim that the earth has an abundance of oil and that it magically replenishes oil reserves, Yet I see the rich building bunkers or funding space exploration.
    This generation will see change because this current economical model is unsustainable and we are at the point of change.

  • Yes, It exists.

    I mean, I live in southeast Texas where the weather is always crazy and inaccurate, But I believe there is plenty of evidence to show that climate change, And global warming in general, Exist. Let's just look at one, Basic example of hundreds: Antarctica. Does anyone actually think that this continent of ice is melting just because? Hell no! Just because of this ice cap melting ALONE, We can deduce that global warming, And climate change for that matter, Do indeed exist in the world.

  • Uh duh obviously

    Climate change obviously exists, Just look around the world and history. Kind of obvious, No explanation needed. The only "debate" is whether or not humans are speeding up the process or not which is the real question. Anyone who thinks climate change doesn't exist is a delusional dumbass who has an IQ of 100 or under, Which to note, Is roughly 50% of the population so that's a start

  • Of course, It did, I mean like. . .

    If it doesn't exist, Then why did I learn Climate change in science class, Huh? Yes, It does, So yeah, So argue with me, So my final answer is yes it does ok so goodbye -- Also buy the way, I have a A+ in science so pls don't argue with me, There is no point NUB. . .

  • Yes. Of course it is!

    We need politicians to start doing their jobs properly, To act quickly and to bring their A-game every time onto the table. Climate change is a serious issue. It is threatening every living organisms here on Earth right now, Including us as human beings. You might not see it, But it is already here.

    96% of the people are getting sick and tired of the "all talk, No action" mantra that politicians bring. We have enough of it!

    And to the people who think climate change is a hoax or a sham, Think again, Think twice. Read reports, Articles, Journals that are scientifically proven. You'll be surprised about the impact of climate change, Believe me.

  • Climate change is real you karen

    If you don't think this is real you are a karen and nobody likes you you probaly think that vacines causes freaking autisim and aids go to hell you karen what is your argument you probaly votted for trump and you need a chris for a husband there is scientific proff that states climate change is real

  • I don't think so.

    I mean, It seems like the seasons are just coming later than we expect. It didn't snow at all in December, But later in January white Hell broke loose (At least here in Washington) and the hole in the ozone layer is considerably smaller than it's been since humans came up with all the pollution. Not that we made pollution intentionally. There are 365 days in the year according to most people. However, There is actually like 364. 4 days in the year. Everyone goes on with the 365 days because it's easier to remember? I dunno about that reasoning. Anyway, Because of that, The days are off a little bit. That's why everyone is freaking out about how "the world is going to end. " In reality, It isn't. It's just us humans accidentally slipping up when we invented the calendar.

  • Of course it doesn’t maybe

    Yeah so as the earth heats up the atmosphere heats up so that more co2 is lost to space which cools down the earth after the vehicles co2 heats it up. If it doesn’t how would they propose fixing global warming: rare earth metal alternative energy, Saving rainforests, Vegan/ vegetarian, Etc.

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