• Yes if you google how to be lazy

    Yeah the internet can be used to make people more lazy because they don't even have to think the information is just feed into their brain from google searches and internet videos that they can binge watch instead of working and being productive producing more stuff for people to work for more.

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  • Goodle is evil

    Goodle makes people not only lazy, But inherently stupid and brain washed. People are fat and dumb and they google something and believe anything this evil corporation tells them, Instead of going outside and look into the real world. Dumb lazy idiots! GO OUTSIDE! YOU LIBTARD FAG IDIOTS! THERE IS ONLY 2 GENDERS!

  • Google doesn't MAKE us lazy any more than running water MAKES us thirsty.

    Google is a tool that can be used by anybody, Including the lazy. And while some people may chose to defer their thinking, Or even their opinion to the first thing google digs up, You can't blame google for that. It ENABLES laziness, But it doesn't MAKE us lazy, Only WE can make ourselves lazy.

  • Google wasn't mean't for laziness

    Both founders of Google, Larry and Sergey made Google to collect as much information as possible and put it into a search engine that everyone can access. So by "collecting" all the information in the world, Even the ones that make you lazy Ex: videogames, Tv shows, Etc etc etc.

  • It is not really about Google

    In every age, There were lazy people and active people. Google is simply a tool to work with. If we are lazy, Then the problem may be related to our own personality rather than the tools we use. Besides, The amount of information is too large in this age and I guess if google makes it easy for us to obtain the information we need then it makes us focus on resolving the problem or the task at hand.

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