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  • Jumin is super gay

    He is just gay. Very gay. Extremely gay. Also he is just very gay. Ok. In zens route they get along, He’s said stuff to zen like “are you imagining my bed? ” Also (we all dated home because of his cat) and yup. He is a powerful gay. G a y. G a y. G a y. G a y

  • Yes, Jumin Han’s gay.

    In the game “Mystic Messenger, ” Jumin Han says several things to specifically Zen that shows that he has at least some interest in men, And along with that, Other characters in the game have recited rumors that they heard which stated that Jumin was gay. If this isn’t very convincing, I suggest that you look up some of the flirty things that Jumin says to Zen, Rather than the mean things he mostly says to him. It might surprise you.

  • It’s definitely possible. . .

    Although some people just see it as a meme or a joke from 707, There are strong indications that Jumin is homosexual. These indications don’t exactly mean he’s gay, But the possibility still stands. In my personal opinion, Jumin is bisexual, Because he seems attracted to females too. And regarding the whole Zen thing, Literally everyone in the chat room talks about Zen like he’s a super sexy god and their not wrong. Zen is a masterpiece.

  • Yes he does gay very much

    We all know he is just dying to fuck zen you can’t tell me that he loves mc there’s no way he only pretend s to like her because he is in the closet but he is very clearly gay and him and zen should be together that’s all goodbye now

  • Yes he is

    I think he is gay lololol Zen and Jumin 😂 lololol


    Or he is Elizabeth sexual 🤔 I don't know but I think he is very gay


    Just fun I don't know what to write too much words are needed lololol 😂 idk #doesjuminhanisgay #yesheis poor Jumin Han

  • Jumin is gay

    He only fakes liking mc we all know he's gay for zen like nobody else even 7 knows and jaehee, With all her time she spends with him, Knows and agrees. Therefore, Does jumin han is gay? Is jumin han does very gay. . . For zen! ! ! ! !

  • The gay is to much for words.

    Did you see the headline? The gay is to much for the non gays to comprehend. He is so gay that the world quivers in front of his gayness. He is the homo king. The king of gays. He is fabulous. He is the king, And Zen is the queen.

  • He gay boi

    He's gay. He is so gay that the moment you look at him you can say that "wow, He gay“. I have nothing else to say. Potato Potato Potato potato potato potato more Potatoes moar Potatoes moar even moar Potatoes lalalala he very very very gay. This is gay fellas.

  • Jumin Han does Gay

    Jumin Han has been seen Gay a couple times. For example, He tells you in the Casual Route, “It is quite fun to tease Zen even if Assistant Kang does not approve”. He also goes to Zen In Zen’s route and they both end up getting along. Coincidence? I think Not! After all, Zen is Obviously Tsundere towards Jumin. And Jumin acts calm and besides, They are opposites and opposites attract. And that is why Jumin Han Does Gay

  • DOeS jUmIn HaN iS gAy?! Yes. Jumin is gay. But he is not European. 707 was right. As usual.

    Okay, so... I think Jumin is gay. You may think I'm wrong, but there is evidence to prove it. I'm not going to repeat what everyone else said, so yeah. Jumin, as far as I have seen, loves to tease + be mean to Zen, and get a reaction from him. This could indicate that he has a habit of hiding his feelings through being mean. Even Elly thinks he's gay. We all know it's true. *insert Gay or European*

  • I doubt it

    The only reason he hadn't dated women until MC is because (spoiler) his step mother most likely abused him and had bad examples from his father's wives and mistresses. I mean, Jumin was used all his life by women who wanted him for his wealth. The media, Trying to slander him. Plus, He says in a phone call that "his mother, His father's girlfriends, BUSINESSMEN saw him for his wealth" so ya. He strikes me more as asexual.

  • He is totally not a gay!

    Why I said so. . . . ?
    Because we have no clues in the game that prove if he is a gay. He just have some fun with Zen, And Seven is just like to joking around. Even the creator of the game never declare if Jumin Han is a gay game character.

  • He is NOT Gay

    Okay, Sure people. I thought it was funny at first to call Jumin Han gay. But after reading some of your arguments and reconsidering some of my own personal experiences, This is purely a joke. Jumin Han is NOT gay. Everyone only thinks he is gay because of his lack of interest in women. Just because you aren't attracted to the opposite gender doesn't mean you are attracted to the same gender. He could simply be interested in no one. Also, The Jumin Han doesn't like women simply because of his stupid father. He dislikes women because all the women he knew as a child only wanted money(and were gold diggers). This 'joke' is getting a bit too far. . .

  • Half Right Half Wrong

    We all know that Jumin had a little thing for Rika in the past that he couldn't act on, Because of her relationship with V. Though I think he has a fascination with both women and guys so I wouldn't say he was completely gay. Also if he was just faking loving MC then he wouldn't have married her without saying he was into men. MC is the type of person who would've helped him come out of the closet. I think he does love MC and likes men too, So I believe he is Bi.

  • No, He isn't.

    I'm gonna be direct here, This "meme/joke" is just plainly offensive to actual LGTB+ people, If you want more proof, Alright, In the Korean version they're making fun of him for being a virgin at 28 not because he's gay, And he doesn't have interest on women because of his womanizing father, So, No, Stop with this.

  • He aint gay fujoshits

    In the English version, 707 was making fun of Jumin for being 'gay'. Whereas in the Korean version, 707 was making fun of him for being virgin at the age of 28.

    --END QUOTE--

    P. S Explain to me fujoshits, Why the fuck do you think everything is gay and squeal over it? Ciel x sebastian yuck

  • Jumin is not gay

    Here in the English version of the game, We see the characters making fun of Jumin for being 'GAY', But in the korean version, The characters were making fun of him for being virgin at 28 years. I don't get why you fujoshi like to think everything is gay CIELXSEBASTIAN Yuck

  • I don't think he is gay.

    He acts gay but I mostly think he is teasing his friends. He often teases his friends to make them annoyed, Cause he enjoys it. Obviously is just tryna get zen mad at him. He might not hate women, He just sees no reason to be with them, Since he probably never had someone love him.

  • Could be gayer.

    He has a route where he acts very hetero, But rumors don't come from nothing right? He could be gayer though.

    All in all this is a question that might never get an answer. It's just way too complicated. We will never find out, But forever we'll keep asking ourselves:

    Does Jumin Han is gay?

  • Jumin is not gay!

    He is not gay he is straight. I don't support Jumin x Zen. The only reason 707 asks Jilin if hes gay is because 7 is gay for Hooding. So quit saying Junina's han is gay. The only reason Jumin helps out zen is because he cares for him like a brother not a boyfriend

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