Does Minecrafts Nether update make the Nether feel to survivable

  • It is like it is no longer a bad place to be!

    The Nether used to feel like a sort of hell where it was hard to survive. It looked hot and seemed to be full of suffering and pain. But now the Nether fells full of life with bright blue forests, Trees and living mobs (as mobs like the zombie pigmen, The ghast, And the wither skeleton count as undead mobs where the piglin counts as living).

  • Not That much

    The neither update is cool and I think it just gives more design to the neither because the neither used to be boring. They also added new creatures that can kill you, And I think people will die a lot trying to find Neitherite under the lava. So no not that much

  • The Nether is still the Nether

    It's still filled with lava, Ghasts, Blazes, You can't sleep there, And wither skeletons. It now has tree's, 2 new mobs (both which are hostile), And new dangerous environment's. I would say it got MORE dangerous. More challenges will come along the way and it will get harder to survive there.

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