Does ownership of a Maserati convey a social status that other luxury cars do not?

  • The name Maserati is recognized in any language

    There are few names in the auto industry that truly inspire awe. Fewer still are the manufacturers given such noteriety as opposed to a certain model or year. It's not difficult to own a BMW or a Mustang now. Even the older models are still rather coveted, yet accessible. Lamborghini and Ferrari are rather used up. The Name Maserati sounds more impressive because the cars are.

  • Yes Maserati's convey a social status.

    No matter what car you drive it says something about your personality and your status. Science has proven that salesman who drive nicer cars tend to be more successful. This inflated perception rubs off on those who they are trying to impress. If you can afford a Maserati you must be very successful in some aspect of your life and the price tag of this vehicle is much more than other luxury vehicles like a BMW so you must be that much more successful.

  • Any car like that conveys luxury

    It just makes me think, "that person has money," when they drive a car like the Maserati. It does not make me think the Maserati is any better at luxury than other expensive cars. From a poor persons stand point, all luxury cars are nice. We just think, "it would be nice to have any one of them."

  • No, a Maserati does not convey a social status that other luxury cars do not.

    While a Maserati is a luxury car that conveys a certain social status, it is not the only car that does this. There are many other luxury cars that convey the same social status. For example, it is unlikely that someone with Rolls-Royce would be thought to be at a lower social status than the Maserati owner.

  • Other Companies Convey Equal Status

    Yes, Maserati is known to be a very luxurious and sporty car, but it does not sit alone in this category. Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Pagani all are similar to Maserati and each hold a similar socioeconomic standard. To say that Maserati is completely unique and on a level of its own would be an exaggeration.

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