• It prepares you for the real world

    "School has no purpose and can jump off a cliff The teachers make you sit at a desk for about 90% of the day, And then homework comes in, Making it harder. Also, Did I mention how early you have to wake up, I have to wake up at 6 just so I can make the bus. School is just plain dumb and serves no purpose. "

    If I had to guess, We have a little prejudice in this statement. This is gonna be fun
    1. A school is a building. It can't jump at all
    2"The teachers make you sit at a desk for about 90% of the day, And then homework comes in, Making it harder. Also, Did I mention how early you have to wake up, I have to wake up at 6 just so I can make the bus. " Sounds like your typical office job
    3. "School is just plain dumb and serves no purpose. " Well school is filled with smart people, Between the students and teachers, You get more brain power the more you deal with it.

    You must truly be a sour puss and a dull nail. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, You wouldn't know how to spell "teachers". Is there any adult who denies they learned ANYTHING out there? Judging by your whiny tone, And the lack of evidence that school has a purpose, I'm guessing you're in middle school. Suck your gut in. Quit demonizing teachers. They only want you to sit in a desk so you pay attention and learn. They start out easy enough. In Kindergarten to second grade, It's easy things like spelling purple or knowing what the plurality of "moose" is. Third grade gets a little harder. You have to know the multiplication tables of 1-12. Sure, They increase the homework, But it's really not hard for the next three years. Middle school is basically harder multiplication tables, Learning about American history and whatnot. Long story short, Whatever grade you're in, The previous grades prepared you for where you are right now and with the assumption that you're in grade school, Grades 6-8 prepare you for high school, Which prepares you for college (the nightmare of academia), Which is just making you do specific things you already know how to do, And by the time you're done with college, You go into the real world, With a job, And you get up at the same time you claim to get up for the bus (or maybe an hour earlier, Hence the expression "work 9 to 5. ) I can't say I've done it all, But life is what you make it. You want to be miserable? Life bends to your will for that. If you want a wonderful life, You'll still have struggles, But you overcome them and feel good about yourself.

  • School is educational!

    School educates you and teaches you the skills that you will need later in your life. More importantly, School gives you the will to actually live. If you do\did not go to school, You would not be able to get a college degree OR a job. You would not be able to read, And you NEED to be able to read.

  • Yes it is

    Its where you get smart, To get a job, To get money, To get out of your parents basement, To get food, To get water, To get the other stuff you want, To sustain your life / spouse, To actually retire from your dang job, And finally, To actually live.

  • Lmao What's School?

    Oh yeah, That thing that I spend 6 1/2 hours on every day only to come home and see 4-6 hours of homework a day (no rly). I mean, Elementary school teaches you some useful stuff, Ya know: basic math, Basic speaking skills, Social skills, Etc. But after that? Useless. If i wanna be a musician or an artist why do I need to know what a mitochondrion is? Like idgaf. So a lot has changed in the past fifty years, But school? Kinda just stayed static. "Modern" school became introduced about two hundred years ago when you were expected to be a factory worker or some type of worker right after you get out of school. So school served its purpose, To get kids used to discipline for their future jobs, Listen to commands, Have a bell decide when they eat and leave, And have a teacher decide whether they can go to the bathroom or not. That was useful many years ago, But now you can be almost anything. Hell, You can be a professional sleeper (mattress tester) and get paid for it. There are so many opportunities know, But school doesn't give a shet. They will still teach algebra to artists, Literature to YouTubers, History to pro skateboarders, And Spanish to people who want to study Chinese culture. School better change. On top of that, I don't feel like mentioning the whole essay I right in my own time that states every problem with school nowadays and how it does more bad than good. Plus, I can learn more on a one hour documentary on YouTube than the shite they teah us in a whole semester of school. It needs to be changed now, And hopefully there will soon be someyounger politicians in the future tofix the broken education system.

  • School has no purpose and can jump off a cliff

    The teachers make you sit at a desk for about 90% of the day, And then homework comes in, Making it harder. Also, Did I mention how early you have to wake up, I have to wake up at 6 just so I can make the bus. School is just plain dumb and serves no purpose.

  • School is, Of course, Important but why so long?

    There is soooo much that kids could be ding throughout the day without school. Yes, I know education is important, But I think school should just be a bit more relaxed or homework free. If you think about it, SCHOOL is when you are supposed to get things done, So. . . Why have HOMEwork. If teachers can't have students get everything done in 7 1/2 hours to the point where they make the students do work at HOME then there is a problem. After school activities are some of the most enjoyable things in a kid's life and sometimes school and homework can really interfere with them. I do ballet, For example, And I literally have to be there from 4:30 to 9 pm every day after school and in case you didn't know, It takes a very long time to do a perfect, Flat ballet bun considering my bus gets home at 4:13. And did I mention that you are supposed to be there 15 minutes early? Well anyway, What I'm trying to say is that if school wasn't so drawn out and teachers could actually be smart enough to get everything done in class, I wouldn't be here right now and I'm sure half of you wouldn't either. If this could happen, Kids would have so many more friends and have so much more fun and be so much less stressed because of one little thing like that being changed. If people would reduce school, Kids wouldn't have as much anxiety, They wouldn't be as depressed because there wouldn't be enough time in the day to get bullied because you will be spending most of it with your friends and family, And most importantly, Kids will be healthier altogether. They will get more sleep because there would be any late-night study sessions or last-minute homework. Thank you for your time and I hope someone out there will take this into consideration and will take this very seriously because I know I am. ~yours truly

  • Formerly, It was "keeping children off the street"

    The wisest teacher I ever had, One with multiple degrees, An alternate at her university in the days of the College Bowl, Told us that. Until college, Anything we had been told about "getting an education", Was so much propaganda and smoke and $hit. A college education, Separated the leaders of society, From the trogs.

    Now, That is past. The values of the ghetto, Became the values of Middle America, And yet of the penthouse. And as we no longer were even permitted to strike our young, Something the feral (that would be CHILDREN, Children Are Feral) understand, And victory and defeat and power and subjugation. . . We lost control of everything. Thus, We have nothing. Schools enrich very few, And there is no reason at all, To seek. It is become Babi Yar, Or utter, Total barbarian chaos. And we're so weak, There will come no Babi Yar.

    Does school have a purpose? Not anymore. Nor do the empty hunks of young flesh who slink through them. I've been saying for years, Burn all the universities to the ground. As for all secondary education, All the way down to daycare, Raze them and salt the earth. And think hard, If you really want to lose the 2nd Amendment. It will be your last defense, Even if one of the jackals bears your surname.

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